WSOP NV Online Poker Review

[intro]The World Series of Poker ( is a marvelous site for those who reside in Nevada and want the thrill of playing online poker against pros or for fun. The site allows players who want the challenge of trying to win the WSOP bracelet or to just play for fun. Players can enjoy a game of poker from the comfort of their home, downloading the game on to their computers, laptops, or apps for their mobile devices.

Those who are over the age of 21 and are in Nevada are eligible to play since the site has obtained the required licenses from the state. The well-designed site provides players with multiple options for playing. Depending on your skill level as well as your time and monetary constraints you can choose to play at a level that is comfortable for you.[/intro]

WSOP Online Bonus

The World Series of Poker site does not offer direct bonuses for signing on unless you are veteran or active military personnel. In that case you get a freeroll of $300. Others can win prize money or rewards, simply by playing regularly and moving up the winning scale on various options. For instance, The AAP Threshold bonus and the Climb provide a bonus or reward for playing regularly. Even though the site does not begin by providing a sign up bonus, regular players can quickly accumulate points that are redeemable as cash.

First Deposit Bonus

Once you make your first deposit, will match your deposit. Meaning you can get up to $1,000 for free. Make sure you deposit the entire $1,000 if you want the whole bonus. Players have 90 days to release this bonus. For every 100 APPs earned you will get $10 released directly into your WSOP account.

Earning AAPs is easy. For every $1 Rake you generate, you will get 2 APPs. On this case the bonus gives you 20% cashback.


Another way in which the site encourages players to improve their poker game is by providing opportunities for talented players to take part in the $100 challenges and then gradually move up to the more serious games against the pros and those competing in the World Series of Poker challenge.


There are many advantages to pressing the button to play poker on the World Series of Poker site. While serious enthusiasts would like to play at a real casino, this takes time and money since you have to travel to Reno or any brick and mortar site and set money aside for the food and the accommodations. Instead, unwind and relax while enjoying your poker hobby, by playing from the comfort of your home. As long as you have a computer or laptop with an Internet connection of the correct speed, you should be able to play anytime you want. The site holds regular tournaments, ensuring that members have plenty of opportunity to hone their skills.

Real enthusiasts are making this transition – why not you?!

Any gambling and poker player would rather save their money for the game instead of spending cash traveling occasionally to Reno, Vegas, or any other place in Nevada for an exciting session or night of poker. The World Series of Poker site provides an authentic ambiance, the challenge of playing against pros in a real world conditions, all from the comfort of your home. Enthusiasts can indulge in their hobby every day of the week if they want to.

Mobile App

In addition to playing on your computer or laptop, you can also entertain yourself on the go by downloading the mobile app for the site. They have an iOS app as well as an android app, ensuring that you can play anywhere within Nevada. Those who own a smart phone or mobile device with the sufficient memory and speed can play poker on the go from anywhere in Nevada. The apps are well designed and provide a stellar gambling experience.



The site is designed to encourage members and visitors to sign up for the latest tournament. Others have to sign in via the link for regular players. While the site appears to encourage the pros, it also helps others harness an opportunity to play against the pros.

The site is compatible with the latest browsers and computers. In fact, the computer and connectivity requirements as well as mobile device requirements are clearly stated, making it much simpler for users. The site provides detailed instructions for new members to download and set up the app for playing online.

The well-designed site is easy to navigate and the clearly marked links for the various poker playing options and challenges make it easy to log on to and start playing.

Is WSOP Online Legal

The World Series of Poker site is licensed by the state of Nevada and so anyone within the state can play poker here as long as they are over the age of 21. The site is legal and has secure payment gateways to ensure that transactions are not compromised. The site aims to encourage legal gambling in a safe manner.


Payment Mechanisms

To make deposits to play for real money, those physically present in Nevada can go to the cashier link and choose an appropriate payment mechanism. This will enable them to make cash deposits and link a verified credit card to their account for payments. You can make deposits using NETELLER or bank transfers apart from credit cards.

Withdrawals have fewer options since only bank transfers and bank draft withdrawals are possible. However, these are all secure payment and withdrawal methods and the site offers plenty of safeguards to keep your financial information secure.

The safe payment gateways provided by the site ensure that members can use credit or debit cards as well as other payment methods to make deposits.

The secure payment gateway and the ability to receive winnings in the form of drafts all but guarantee that a member’s financial information is not compromised when playing here.


The site provides an email ID for contact when help is required. The customer support will respond to all queries. However, the site also has extensive information and a list of frequently asked questions that should cover most of the information required. The detailed information provided by the site answers all frequently asked questions about the registration, payment, and withdrawal processes. Besides this, the site explicitly provides information about the hardware and software required to take part in the online or mobile poker games.

Game Offers

The World Series of Poker site is primarily focused on playing poker. Apart from online and mobile poker one can also play Slotomania, Caesars Casino, Bingo Blitz, and Xbox poker from this site. There is a variety of poker levels and challenges that new members can enter, ensuring that there is plenty of variety when playing online poker.


While there are many online gambling sites, this is one site that has an exclusive focus on poker in all of its varieties. Poker buffs and enthusiasts will enjoy the focus on just one form of gambling. Also, the site rewards regular players, simply for playing, a sure reward obtained if you enjoy poker and like to indulge in this activity on a regular basis.

The World Series of Poker site makes sure that poker enthusiasts from all over Nevada can get together to enjoy a challenging game while still remaining in the comforts of their own homes. This site is dedicated to avid poker players who can all meet each other under neutral conditions and focus on their game. The infrastructure is designed to provide a stellar poker room where you can watch the expression of the opponents and judge their moves, adding to the authenticity of the poker playing experience.


The World Series of Poker site is run and maintained by Caesars Interactive Casino and has obtained all the required licenses from the authorities in Nevada. The well-established and marvelous company began in Nevada 75 years ago and is a diversified casing entertainment company. It has the expertise and systems in place to make a game of poker an enjoyable experience whether you are on-site, online, or using a mobile app. The company is reliable and committed to making payments and providing a fair atmosphere for poker players.

A reliable and well run website for poker adds to the comfort level of the players as there are no glitches and disputes about the game. This is of importance when playing serious challenges against pros and betting large sums of money. Caesars understands this vital requirement of online poker games and provides the infrastructure for quick and smooth games and safe transfer of money.

In short, the World Series of Poker site is a salient way of those in Nevada to pick up some poker practice, enjoy a game of poker, or participate competitively in a poker tournament all from the comfort of their home. The secure payment and withdrawal systems are also available to protect players from financial fraud. Register at the World Series of Poker website to join a large number of poker players in thrilling and fantastic online tournaments.

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