Political Betting in the US | Is it Legal to Bet on the US Election in NJ?

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When it comes to political betting it's easy to become emotionally invested. After all, we all have our deeply held views on how the States should be run. But what if, for a moment, we could put our views aside and look at the political landscape impartially. Could we, with a little common sense, even make a little money out of betting on politics online in New Jersey? 

The answer to that is yes, if you're smart enough. Here at playinglegal.com we're not the first to recognise the potential gains to be made in the 2020 Presidential Election, but we're also pretty clued up when it comes to betting in general, so why not check out our advice on political betting below.

And if you're wondering whether or not it's legal to bet on US politics in New Jersey? The answer is, yes.

How Is Sports Betting Different to Political Betting?

You might think that due to being a relatively successful sports bettor, that you'll find it super easy to jump straight into the political betting markets. And while you might do well in most circumstances, there are a few things to take into account for sure. Let's delve into the main differences between sports and political betting.

Sports vs Political Betting

  • Prices are normally 'shorter'
  • Odds based on credibility mean risk
  • Much wider range of odds
  • Availability of info impacts prices more
Firstly, it's important to recognise that prices are normally ‘shorter' (or less profitable) than sports betting odds. This is due to the fact the public (being the determiner of the result) is often quite vocal in its opinion of a candidate. This means a bookmaker can pretty much weigh up whether or not Donald Trump will win the 2020 election, for example. Compare this to a regular game of football or soccer, where even though one team is a solid contender, there's the off-chance the underdog will win.

Secondly, and this is quite unique to political betting, the world of politics is rather fickle. Think about it this way, imagine in the world of soccer Liverpool FC (the best team in England at the moment) were facing LA Galaxy in a pre-season friendly. It's likely that the odds will be shorter for Liverpool, due to their tremendous form. These odds would not change, even over the course of two years. Now, politics on the other hand is completely different — all you need is a sex scandal or an off-hand comment and suddenly the candidates reputation is in the gutter. Due to the inherent nature of politics, a once front runner can become a garbage candidate overnight. Hence, this can make betting on politics risky.

Furthermore, while the odds are generally short, you might find a couple of markets which do offer crazy odds. This is prevalent in some specials that the likes of Paddy Power (a popular UK bookmaker which sadly doesn't operate in the US), who might offer odds on Donald Trump doing a back flip during his inauguration, or Bernie Saunders parachuting into congress floating the communist flag. These are, of course, wildly unlikely, but you might find odds available for these on some political betting sites.

Finally, as we mentioned previously about how odds can be impacted by public opinion — the same goes for public knowledge. Since information is released regularly over the course of an en election campaign (caucus results, opinion polls, pre-election predictions by experts), prices are regularly adapted to reflect this. And, if information is released that pretty much confirms the potential winner of an election, then the prices will be changed swiftly by the bookmakers to reflect this.

What Are The Most Popular Political Betting Markets?

Of course, it's all well and good being a political expert, but it's also wise to know the most popular betting markets available. Below we've summarized what typical bettors are staking on during elections around the world. We've focused on political betting in the US, but we've also thrown a few internationals markets in.


“Next President”
“Next Prime Minister”
“Senate Election”
“Winning Political Party”
“Government Afer Next Election”



Best Bookmaker

Bookmakers nowadays are offering odds on much more than just ‘who will win the next presidential election'. For example, in the US, you can now expect to find odds on the primaries, the caucuses, nominations for leaders of the major parties, college votes, vice-president campaigns and many more. With such an awesome range of odds on offer for the majority of punters in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and soon to be more, we're ultimately confident that you'll find a political bet in the US worth staking on.

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Political Betting in 2020: The US Presidential Election

While we dare not speculate on the latest odds for the US Presidential Election (as they change almost every day), we are happy to drop you some advice on how to best bet on next years political fun. Read on below to get a taste of what's to come.

Everything we know about the election from 2016

  • As you might remember (fondly, or not), Donald Trump kicked off his campaign trail with very little chance of becoming the next president of the US.
  • If we look back to August 2015, he was 25/1 to win (2500.00+ in moneylines). These odds, as you can imagine, indicated that he had absolutely no chance of winning the next election.
  • Of course, just before the first presidential, after steamrolling through the republican caucus, his odds had been reduced to 6/4 (150+ in moneylines), thus indicating that if you backed him at the start, you would certainly be in the money.
  • Whether it was his brash style of politics, the cult of personality or his appearances on the Apprentice that were swaying the public — it's safe to say he divided the nation. 
  • Hilary Clinton on the other hand was by most people predicted to be the next president, with most bookmakers paying out winnings early as she had what looked like a 91% chance of winning the day before the elections took place.
  • Trump's ultimate win is what has made political betting so popular since 2016. It's roller-coaster ups and downs has certainly brought election betting back into the forefront of many American's minds.

How to Navigate and Bet on the US Presidential Election

The Presidential Election is the most important event in the US political calendar. Being a wild and twisting event, predicting the outcome is insanely difficult, but if you have a better understanding of the whole event, it makes staking a bet much easier. Before you head into betting on the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election, we advise you take the below into account:
  • Before the main event, it's worth taking advantage of the pre-election campaigns to potentially profit — these include the primaries and the caucuses for both major parties (the Republicans and the Democrats).
  • With the above events generating a lot of attention, it's good to track them to get some pre-insider knowledge of how the election will unfold.
  • If you're considering betting on the Republican candidate, then keep an eye on what happens in Iowa and New Hampshire as these tend to bring underdogs into the limelight.
  • Then keep you eye on what's happening in South Carolina. If a Republican candidate performs well there, you know they're a solid future Republican leader. Perform badly, like Bob Dole or McCain and it could ruin your campaign.
The above is just a snippet, but even keeping your eye on the states which are known to make a difference to a candidate can massively improve your chances of predicting a future winner.

Yes, 100%. As long as you're based in a state that currently allows sports betting — such as New Jersey. Here you can bet on any political markets US bookmakers are offering.

That's hard to say. Here at playinglegal.com we don't align ourselves politically, but if the latest odds are anything to go by (and he isn't impeached), then it's pretty likely he will be the next president in 2020.

Yes, if US bookmakers are offering the odds, then you can bet on them. Recent examples include the 2019 General Election in the UK. If you're politically savvy and well-versed in international politics, then the opportunities are there.