Daily Fantasy Sports Websites Under Major Legal Investigation

It seems as though the rise in popularity of Daily Fantasy Sports establishments was just a bit too smooth. It has long been predicted that there would be a few legal bumps in the road, the first of which has just emerged. These Daily Fantasy Sports operators will face the first legal challenge in the US due to a House of Representative committee member questioned the validity of fantasy sports’ relationship with gambling.

It was Republican Frank Pallone who is part of the Committee on Energy and Commerce that asked to look further into the difference between playing fantasy games and gambling on sports games. Pallone also wants to open dialogue about the possible inappropriate relationship between the fantasy sports industry and professional sports.

Pallone asserted that despite such websites as FanDuel and DraftKings gaining popularity in the United States, the legality of them is “murky”, and so a review should take place. He also made the comment that anyone who has been watching a sports game this past week has seen commercials inundated with fantasy sports.

 “these sites are enormously popular, arguably central to the fans’ experience, and professional leagues are seeing enormous profits as a result.”

Despite his acceptance of their popularity, Pallone is not fully accepting of their legality. He claims that although these sites are entering into the mainstream sphere, and may, in fact, be central to many fan’s game experience, their gameplay is still questionable and so needs further reviewing.

Pallone makes the point that fans are allowed to put their money on the line based on the outcome of a single player, which is not that different from betting money on an entire game. However, this is disputed by fantasy sports fans that know the hard work they put into analyzing statistics and previous gameplay to ensure that they made the right picks.

The scrutiny of the fantasy sports industry came only a short time after Google Play approved both FanDuel and DraftKings downloads for smartphones and tablets. Previously, Google Play banned all Daily Fantasy Sports application from their app store since users were forced to load the app by installing a file separate from the store. However, both apps have quickly come back with versions of their application that can fully download on the Google Play Store. On the other hand, any gambling apps are strictly forbidden on both the Google Play and iTunes Store.

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