Is Legalized Sports Betting in New Jersey Dead for Good?

While many states move to legalize online gambling, others have their eyes set on a different prize. In the state of New Jersey, many are hoping that sports betting is legalized at some point in the near future.

Unfortunately, it does not look like this is coming anytime soon. A United States federal appeals court has ruled in favor of major sports leagues, as well as the NCAA, denying the state’s bid to bring legalized sports betting to racetracks and casinos.

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia made the decision, noting that the state cannot move forward with the legalization of sports betting as it is a violation of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992.

Is the Fight Over?

While things are dead for the time being, the state still has a little bit of fight left. According to New Jersey state Sen. Ray Lesniak, there is still another option: filing an appeal for a hearing in front of the entire Third Circuit.

The American Gaming Association feels that the legal system has made a mistake, with its president saying:

“With Americans betting at least $140 billion on sports illegally each year, it's clear that current law is not achieving its intended result. As the AGA leads an industry-wide task force to study sports betting, we will assess the implications of the court's decision as the gaming industry continues to develop innovative ways to provide products and experiences that meet consumers' demands.”

In other words, many people feel that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 is outdated.

At this time, Nevada is the only state that offers single game sports betting. Those in the 49 other states do not have access to this type of gambling. New Jersey was hoping to be next, but has run into yet another roadblock.

What are your thoughts on legalized sports betting? Will New Jersey eventually break down the barrier?

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