EcoPayz Review

EcoCard is a type of prepaid account, which allows for online payments to thousands of various institutions. Recently, the company has changed its name to EcoPayz, which incorporates a range of other payment tools along with their original EcoCard. EcoCard deals in both virtual and physical prepaid cards, currently used in 47 currencies and 173 countries. Although EcoPayz incorporates a variety of payment tools, this article will focus on EcoCard as it is an extremely convenient prepaid means of depositing money into an online gambling website and requires no credit check or bank account information. Although you can obtain a physical EcoCard if you wish, for those non-US residents that want a layer of protection between their bank accounts and the Internet gambling website of their choice, the virtual EcoCard is an excellent option. Let's take a look at our EcoPayz review.

Creating an Account

EcoPayz Review

Creating an account for EcoPayz is an extremely straightforward and quick process that only requires that you input a few personal details such as your email, name and address. Additionally, you must input your financial information to fund the account whether it is through a prepaid card, debit card, bank account, or credit card. After that, your account must be verified using an email confirmation with instructions and an activation code. Once this process is completed, you can log on to your account, accept the terms and conditions and finish the easy process of registering for an EcoPayz account.

If you want to apply for an EcoCard Prepaid MasterCard or the Virtual MasterCard, then you will need to complete a supplemental form. Upon approval, the MasterCard will be mailed to your address and can be activated on EcoPayz' website. This debit card is physical and can be used at any e-commerce or land based merchant, as well as to fund your EcoPayz account through any ATM in the world. On the other hand, the Virtual MasterCard is activated through two separate numbers—one sent to your phone and the other sent to your email. The Virtual MasterCard can only be used online.


Can US Residents Register For an Account?

EcoPayz is available in more than 173 different countries. However, they currently do not allow US customers to sign up.

EcoPayz Review: Using EcoPayz to Fund a Gambling Account

EcoPayz can be utilized for the majority of legal gambling websites throughout the world. To use this depositing method, all you have to do is click on the EcoPayz logo on the cashier menu of the gambling site of your choice and enter the account information to purchase sportsbook, poker, or casino credits.

EcoPayz is one of the best depositing methods out there for gambling. There is an extensive number of legal and regulated  online sportsbooks, casinos, and poker rooms that accept EcoPayz. No matter what type of gambling you enjoy, you're sure to find a website that allows this method of depositing. Additionally, in many cases, EcoPayz allows you to avoid a long wait or any fees when withdrawing money from your gambling account, as you can transfer it right back onto your EcoCard

EcoPayz Review: Withdrawing Money From Your EcoPayz Account

ecoPayz Review

You have two options when it comes to taking money out of your EcoPayz account—you can withdraw money from your EcoCard account, which will be processed with a bank transfer to the gambling account you registered. Otherwise, you can use your Prepaid MasterCard to withdraw money from your account directly from an ATM.


EcoPayz Review: The Advantages of Using EcoPayz to Deposit Money on a Gambling Site

EcoPayz review

There are many benefits of utilizing a virtual prepaid card like the one offered by EcoPayz. Besides using EcoPayz on a credited and reputable gambling website, you can use it to pay in over 47 different currencies at virtually any land-based or Internet retailer.

EcoPayz has accreditation for being Data Security Standard (DSS) compliant, which means that they stay updated on all of the newest data encryption technology trends to aid in protecting your financial and personal information. Moreover, your data is protected from third-party attackers, since EcoPayz is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) covered by the Data Protection Act.

Having the availability to deposit money into your gambling account online using EcoPayz’ official site gives you around the clock convenience throughout the world. Additionally, because EcoPayz provides you with the ability to fund your gambling account through your personal bank account, it gives you an option that the majority of other virtual prepaid systems does not have. Take into account not needing to go through a credit check or even own a bank account, as well as the anonymity and the privacy that comes with separating your banking with online institutions, and EcoPayz is an excellent depositing method for non-US gamblers. For those who are looking for a solide depositing method inside the US, we recommend PayPal betting sites.

Conclusion of EcoPayz Review

EcoPayz is a highly viable option when it comes to funding your gambling website. When online gambling it is essential that you utilize a regulated and legal site to ensure the safety of your EcoPayz account. Know your limit, and above all have fun!

The Review


7.3 Score

"EcoCard is a type of prepaid account, which allows for online payments to thousands of various institutions. Recently, the company has changed its name to EcoPayz, which incorporates a range of other payment tools along with their original EcoCard. "

The Good

  • Credited and Reputable
  • Gives Flexibility in Depositing

The Bad

  • Not Available in US


  • Security 80%
  • Ease of Use 70%
  • Accessibility 70%
  • Customer Service 70%
  • 70%
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4 Discussion to this review

  1. Avatar Robert F says:

    Deposited 10 USD and being charged 10 Euros to withdraw, lol come on.

  2. Avatar Munmun says:

    My widrawal request was returned back by my bank. Ecopayz has not credited back the amount even after 22 days.
    Don’t use this. Use skrill.

  3. Avatar James jones says:

    Ecopayz is a great service but there customer service sucks

  4. Avatar B.H says:

    Ecopayz is a big bullshit with a lovely regulation. I had been for like six months inactive and then i made a simple test transaction of 100 euro to ecopayz with btc from my blockchain account. To test their service i tried to withdraw the money via bank transfer to my personal bank account.
    I was verified till the moment i made the transaction with btc, after that they said you need to send again thw documents so that we can proceed with the pending wire and release of docs. I send the docs, but what happens then is a big mystery as they reply me per email your account has been closed and the funds are gone!!! Its not about the 100 euro its about the fakt that who the fuck does controlls this platform as the service provided by them is just crap and has 0 liability or security. They can block your account anytime from moment to moment even if they are regulated by the FCA its the same thing as they were offshore because nobody gives a fuck about our money.
    It isn’t even reasonable to contact the FCA as it has much more cost to pay a lawyer to solve the case. I just want u to say that from my experience only Epayments does work and doesn’t block your money its just blocks your account in a fraud case.
    So if you wanna use ecopayz just be prepared to lose your money any time. The worst and most terrible service i have ever seen with a bullshity website, support that takes many days to reply back. They should be closed as i am not the first client that has problems with they terrible service. They should not be regulated by FCA or any other watchdos till the many cases of scam done by them all solved.
    If the ecopayz support reads this they know exactly who i am( B.H) and you can’t try to lie other clients i will make sure that i review your website in any existing webportal, so that every person that is interested in your service won’t ever work with you.
    I have everything beginning from the btc transaction statemens to the lovely emails that i received from your support.

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