Golden Nugget Casino New Jersey

The Golden Nugget Casino website is supported by the latest Java and HTML 5 technology to ensure that it is quick to load. The well designed website makes navigation easy, ensuring that those looking for an opportunity to play a wide variety of casino games online can do so with ease.

Players within New Jersey who are over 21 years of age can also play with real money, while anyone can play for fun. The website is secure and the privacy of players is guaranteed. The site is licensed by the New Jersey department of gaming and permits those above the age of 21 and within the borders of New Jersey to play for real money.

Golden Nugget Casino New Jersey Bonus

The Golden Nugget Casino offers a sign up bonus of $10 for all new registrations and a matching bonus of up to $300 for the first deposit. While the $10 will be credited to the account as soon as a new member registers, the matching bonus will be credited within 24 hours. The bonus offers are well designed and do not have too many conditions attached to them.

Those who register to the website for playing with real money should consider making a deposit of up to $300 to avail of the bonus offer. The bonus has to be used within 30 days of it being credited to the account. In addition, the company imposes a few restrictions on withdrawal of the bonus to ensure that members do not register just to claim the bonus. However, members can withdraw their winnings at any time with the company only retaining the right to refuse withdrawal of the bonus unless all of its conditions are met.


The Golden Nugget Casino offers multiple advantages to those looking for an online way to play casino games for entertainment. The free mobile apps can be downloaded on to smart phones or other mobile devices to ensure that a member can play on the go from anywhere within New Jersey. The mobile apps are designed to provide players with the same smooth operations as the desktop versions.

Once a member registers they can play on the go, betting either with real money or playing for fun and practice. With the mobile apps, members are free to entertain themselves even when they are away from home.



The website is easy to use and navigate. The pages load smoothly and quickly. Players have the option to play for fun or practice or with real money. Once a member makes a payment, they are automatically taken to the lobby from where they can choose the game they want to play in.

The various games that can be played are clearly categorized and visible. This makes it easier for a member to select the game they want to participate in. Similarly, the well-designed website ensures that one can locate the payment and withdrawal windows with ease or look up rules at a glance.

Is Golden Nugget Casino in New Jersey Legal?

The Golden Nugget Casino is licensed to operate as an online gambling site in New Jersey. Moreover, the site has systems in place such as age verification and a geo-location app to make sure that only those who are eligible to play for real money enter these games. These safeguards along with the fair play safeguards ensure that players have a fair chance of winning the games of skill and chance they participate in.

Geo Location Apps

The Golden Nugget takes its responsibility for adhering to the terms and conditions of its New Jersey online gaming license seriously. As such all players who want to play with real money will have to install a geo-location app on their PCs, laptops, and mobile devices. This will enable the company to verify that the member is physically within the borders of New Jersey when they are playing. In addition, members who register can make deposits to their online account only after a verification process to ensure that they are over the age of 21.


Golden Nugget Mobile

Users from New Jersey enjoy playing on iOS and also on Android devices!


The Golden Nugget casino site offers multiple secure payment mechanisms for members. Members can pay using either Visa or MasterCard, secure bank transfers, the Golden Nugget Prepaid card, bank transfers, use the casino account to transfer money to the online account, personal check, or make a cash payment at the cashier cage at the Golden Nugget.
While some of the options such as credit card and secure bank payment enable immediate credit to the online account, others can take up to a week for the money to be credited. Some payment mechanisms might attract a charge, for instance, credit card issuers might charge a member to credit funds to the casino online account. However, members have plenty of secure payment options depending on their needs.


The Golden Nugget Casino also provides multiple safe and secure ways for withdrawing funds from the online account. With these methods it is fairly simple to withdraw your winning when you want to. The easiest and quickest way of withdrawing money from the casino is by using the Golden Nugget Prepaid card. Those who sign up to become members of the casino should also ask for a prepaid card.

Other ways of withdrawing money is by ACH or bank transfer or by asking the casino to send a check with the winnings. Those who want to withdraw money from their casino account can often obtain funds within two days, though some withdrawal methods take as long as a week.


The Golden Nugget Casino aims to ensure that every member has the support they need to resolve any glitches while registering, making payments, withdrawing funds, and playing. This is made possible by 24/7 online support chat. Any member can contact the support staff live at any time to resolve their issues. This is of terrific help as members who want to play or make deposits do not have to wait for their queries to be answered.

The support staff is knowledgeable and helpful and can resolve most issues at once. Apart from this, members can also go through the FAQs that are organized under categories to find solutions to technical or system issues.

Games Offered

Once a member has registered with the Golden Nugget Casino and has been verified, they can make cash payments and begin playing with real money. The games offered include slots, blackjack, video poker, jackpots, and table games. With plenty of options to choose from, including those of skill and those of pure chance, those looking for entertainment and play at a casino style online site will find plenty of choices to suit their fancy.


Golden Nugget Casino Games

Even after opening a real money account, members can continue to play with pretend coins as they hone their skills or try out new games before playing with real money. This option makes it possible for members to try their hand at various new games, without having to worry about sustaining losses.


The Golden Nugget Casino site is the latest venture from the golden Nugget casino group that opened its first casino more than 60 years ago. The site features all of the fair play and games that gamblers who visit the Golden Nugget Casinos in Nevada and Atlantic City are used to. The site is designed to cater to the needs of those who want to relax at home and enjoy a few hours of poker or casino games. Members can either play from their desktops or mobile devices. With plenty of games and other members, users can be sure that they will always have company and fun when they visit the site.

The Golden Nugget is a magnificent online gaming site as members have the option to play a variety of interesting games. With a large membership, there are always plenty of challenging games to join in.



The Golden Nugget is a pioneer in the old-style brick and mortar 1946 in Las Vegas. The chain now has casinos in Las Vegas, Laughlin, and Biloxi, with a new center set to be opened in lake Charles, LA. With plenty of experience and expertise in running casinos and providing poker tables in brick and mortar situations, the company has now diversified into the online gambling world.

The licensed and secure website has plenty of systems in place to protect the privacy of the members. The fair play code that the website adheres to ensures that members have a fair chance of winning at any of the games they choose to play.

The company offers exclusive and premier hotels and casinos that are well known for their entertainment and cuisine. The luxury hotels and casinos have been designed to keep patrons happy, and the company has followed the same policy when designing its online website.

If you want to enjoy online gaming that is legal, fair, and secure, register with the Golden Nugget Casino site and start looking forward to staying at home in the evenings. There is never a dull moment with a membership to this premier gaming site.

The Review

Golden Nugget Casino New Jersey

8.6 Score

"The Golden Nugget Casino New Jersey in not only the pioneer from Las Vegas, but is also laying the benchmark for online Casinos in New Jersey now!"

The Good

  • $10 For Free
  • Free Mobile App
  • 100% Legal in New Jersey
  • Casino with many years experience

The Bad

  • New Jersey only


  • Welcome offer 90%
  • Website 70%
  • Mobile 90%
  • Support 80%
  • Payments 100%
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