The Borgata New Jersey Review

The Borgata website for online casino and poker games is licensed by the New Jersey state government and tested to ensure that it adheres to the Fair Play norms. Those over 21 years of age are eligible to take part in poker tournaments and other online gambling games. The website is part of the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City. The website is professionally designed, quick to load, and easy to navigate.

The comprehensive website ensures that those who want to gamble as entertainment have easy access to the best poker and other online games. Those who are new to online gambling or want to refresh their memory of the rules can easily do so by looking up the rules in the How To section.

By verifying the location of the player and their age, the website ensures that it meets the conditions of its license agreement and discourages underage gambling or gambling from across the state line.

Complete Poker Tutorial

The website provides a complete tutorial on how to play poker, the various types of poker games available, and some excellent poker tips for those who want to improve their game.

The written rules of the games are also useful for those taking part in real money tournaments as all disputes can be resolved with reference to the written rules. This helps in ensuring that players are not at a disadvantage because they were unaware of certain rules. The complete tutorial also helps players familiarize themselves with the way the online poker games are played, so that those attempting to play poker online for the first time can understand how this medium affects the game.

The Borgata New Jersey Bonus

The website enables those who want to gamble for recreation a sterling way to enjoy their hobby. The site offers plenty of cash bonuses for those who play with real money. Simply registering with the site and opening an account qualifies a newcomer for a $20 bonus. In addition, the site will double your stake for up to $600 on your first deposit.

Apart from this, the site offers plenty of other promotional bonuses such as the reload bonus that doubles any deposit up to $300, and special buy-ins that let you spend as less as $100 for a guaranteed win of $10,000. Regular players can take advantage of the many bonuses that are available to increase the stake they have to play with. This improves the odds of winning, enabling skilled poker players to make a killing each week.


The secure payment site can be accessed by gamers 24/7 from anywhere in New Jersey if they have a smart phone. The Borgata site is available on mobile devices and provides the same fun as the desk top version. To be able to play on the go and never experience a dull moment, users simply have to download the app from the iTunes or android app store. The mobile app is user friendly and enables users to make payments and play with ease.



You can play poker at the Borgata site even if you are away from home. The site has mobile apps specially designed for Android and iOS devices. These free apps can be downloaded to ensure hours of fun at any time as long as the member is within New Jersey. The mobile apps permit payments and withdrawals as well as access to ring games and fast forward poker.


The website has multiple options to access live support. One can either e-mail the company, make a phone call, or chat online. This makes for an easy way to resolve issues.

Secure Payment

The website permits all those in New Jersey who are over the age of 21 to play with real money. The 126 bit secure payment gateway ensures that confidential information stays secure. Players can make deposits using a variety of mechanisms such as guaranteed bank transfers, Neteller, online banking transfer, Borgata online prepaid card, a pay cash near me system using 7-11 stores, credit cards, and debit cards. The charges for these transfers depend on the payment mechanism.

Apart from accepting deposits from various modes of payment, the Borgata website also permits users to set limits on deposits and time spent playing. These measures are part of the responsible gambling initiative. In addition, the website actively encourages responsible gambling by advising users to obtain help if they have a gambling problem.

While the Borgata website does not have any problems accepting credit and debit cards issued by MasterCard and Visa, some specific credit card issuers prohibit their cards from being used on gambling sites. If this happens, the players will need to choose another payment option to make deposits and play for real money.


The Borgata site offers a plethora of rewards for regular gamblers. The site has a rewards program that credits 2 points for every dollar spent either on the site or in the Borgata casino in Atlantic City. The rewards to can be claimed either at the website or at the Casino. This link between the luxurious Borgata Casino in Atlantic City and the website makes the website an attractive place to spend relaxing evenings gambling.


The Borgata website is dedicated to those playing online poker. This makes the competition intense and challenging and all the more fun. There are plenty of games and tournaments for poker players of various skill levels. There are daily challenges, weekly tournaments, and more, all of them with substantial prize money. The buy-in is nominal with a large pot to be shared by the winners. For weekend players there are special Sunday tournaments that simply make Sundays more interesting.

With more than $250,000 in prize money guaranteed each week, serious poker players looking for a challenging game and high rewards can enjoy themselves at this site.

Ease of Joining a Poker Game

The Borgata website offers serious poker players a chance to join a challenging game of poker wherever they are situated in New Jersey. If having to travel to Atlantic City, booking a room, and spending cash on eating out is not possible each week, poker players can still participate in the thrill of the game by joining in on the online tournaments and games.

This provides players with the flexibility to play for as long or as less as they want while honing their skills. The rewards offered by the site make it easier to plan a trip to Atlantic City to play at The Borgata Casino when time permits. Atlantic City is not doing as well as it used to though. The recession which is still continuing because of high taxes and regulations and the mismanagement of New Jersey has hurt this state and city. But that could mean there could be some deals for gamblers and travelers out there to be found in this city.

The Borgata website is backed by the reputed and well-established Borgata Casino and Hotels in Atlantic City. This casino attracts the best players because of its luxurious amenities, superior service, and fair play system. The same service levels and fair play systems are in place in the Borgata website. The website is regularly tested by the New Jersey officials to provide players with the peace of mind they deserve when making deposits and gambling.

Collecting Winnings

Part of the thrill of gambling is winning and collecting your winnings. When you win at the Borgata website, you have the option to withdraw your winnings in a number of ways. You can withdraw the amount in your account by going to the Cashier tab and making the necessary choices. The online casino will then make the payment to your account. The speed with which you can obtain the money depends on the withdrawal option you choose.

You can also choose to cancel your withdraw after asking for it as long as the system has not already made the payment into your account.

The website places certain restrictions on withdraws depending on the bonuses provided. If a bonus is credited to your account, you cannot withdraw from your account until you fulfill the terms of the bonus.


The website is licensed by the New Jersey government and operates legally to provide online gambling options for those within New Jersey. This means that the website uses multiple verification systems such as a check of the geographical location of the Wi-Fi being used to ensure the players are within New Jersey at the time of playing. Age verification proof is also verified by the website before a person is permitted to register for playing.

Withdrawing from Tournaments

As only those physically present in New Jersey can take part in the online gambling games and tournaments, the website permits those who register for tournaments but then find themselves outside New Jersey to withdraw and save their deposit and buy in amounts. This is certainly convenient to those who find themselves needing to travel outside the state suddenly. Withdraws from tournaments with a refund of the buy-in is possible as long as the registration is still open.

Whether you are gambling online or at a casino there are a few security and fair play issues that you need to verify. Unless you are sure that the system is not rigged, you are likely to lose money even when you play well. Moreover, you need to be sure that the casino or online gambling site does not misuse your personal and financial information and provides a safe environment for gambling.

The Borgata website is backed by the reputed Borgata casino and provides all of the security needed to ensure that games are fair and that your personal information is secure. This is vital because you will be playing against unknown challengers when taking part in poker tournaments so a secure playing environment is provided and the safety of your personal information is understood.


The brick and mortar Borgata was started in 2003 in Atlantic City and is a popular luxury hotel. The hotel, spa, casino, and other amenities are unrivaled in their aesthetic appeal. Guests are treated to spacious rooms and impeccable customer service. The Borgata website for online gambling brings the same attention to detail, safeguards, and customer friendly approach that has made the hotel and spa famous within reach of those looking for a rewarding online gambling experience.

The Review

The Borgata New Jersey

8.8 Score

"The Borgata is not only one of the biggest land-based casinos, it is now also one of the leading online casinos in New Jersey!"

The Good

  • Licensed Casino
  • Casino & Poker Games
  • available on all devices
  • Online & Landbased

The Bad

  • Low Traffic in Poker Games


  • Welcome Offer 80%
  • Website 90%
  • Mobile 90%
  • Support 90%
  • Payment 90%
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