Watch and Wager Review

Watch and Wager is a US registered and licensed site from which those following the turf can place wagers on horses and races held throughout the world. The website is run by Webis Holdings, registered in the London Stock Exchange. The website offers advance deposit wagering for punters who love to follow horse races – whether Thoroughbred, Greyhound, or anything else. The easy to navigate website is secure and has obtained licenses from many of the states in the US apart from racing houses. This means that users from most states in the US can place their bets online and take part in the betting on races across the world. Read on for our full Watch and Wager Review…

Watch and Wager Promotion Code & Bonus

Watch and Wager offers multiple bonuses and rewards. All bettors can expect a two percent cash back every time they place a bet. In addition, the site frequently rewards bettors with gifts. Those referring a friend can get $50 to bet with, while first time members get a bonus of up to $150, depending on how much they deposit. The site will match the deposit amount immediately, ensuring that the stake is doubled as soon as a new member registers. Watch and Wager has various rewards and bonus offers for members who place bets from the US.



The easy to navigate site is a marvelous way to place bets in horse races across the world. The US registered has licenses from many of the states in the county and also follows all of the tax laws regarding winnings. Winners who get substantial payouts can easily fill their tax return forms, with the help of the documentation provided by the company.

Mobile / App

The website can be accessed through mobile devices as well, ensuring that bettors can place bets and watch races even on the move. This means that bettors can follow the races they have betted on with ease, even if they are not at home. The mobile app is easy to download and install and helps users place their bets, make deposits, withdraw winnings and watch races even as they are traveling. As long as the user is in one of the states that have approved of the Watch and Wager site, they can continue to place bets on their favorites after studying the form of horses in any race in most parts of the world.


Mobile Friendly


The well-designed site loads quickly and is easy to navigate. All of the races are listed on the same page and one simply has to click on the right link to move to the next step of selecting a horse, or placing a bet. To ensure that users do not make an error in placing their bets, the site expects them to confirm their bets before accepting it.

It is also possible to withdraw a wager before the race begins, providing plenty of flexibility for bettors.

The site is technically very well designed and maintained, making it load easily on most browsers. Payment gateways are secure and user confidentiality is high. Bettors can safely share their financial information with the site to make payments or withdrawals without having to worry about identity theft or lack of privacy.

Is Legal?

Watch and Wager is licensed to operate in the US. Moreover, it has obtained licenses to offer wagers in the states of Alabama, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Apart from this the website has the right to accept wagers that come under the jurisdictions of Monarch Content Management, Thoroughbred Owners of California, the Colorado Department of Revenue, Rosecroft Raceway, and the Maryland Racing Commission.


Licensed in the US

The website and the company have been completely audited and checked to offer race track wagers in the US. Having been subjected to multiple checks and regulations, the wagering site is completely safe and a marvelous way to place racing bets.

As a legal website that operated from the US, the Watch and Wager site has systems in place to ensure that local laws are respected. Moreover, the main totalizator hub is located in Maryland, keeping most of the data secure in the country. The website follows all racing, betting, and tax laws and norms and also encourages those with a gambling issue to seek help to deal with their problem.


Bettors can make deposits and withdraw winnings using a variety of payment mechanisms such as ACH and Neteller and PayNearMe. While the ACH and check payments are without any additional charges, Neteller and PayNearMe options are likely to incur charges. Withdrawal is also fairly simple as all winnings are automatically credited to the Watch and Wager account of the user as soon as the winner of the race has been declared.

Watch and Wager does not charge users for placing bets. So all deposits made can be used toward placing bets. Instead, as the website, frequently rewards users with cash back, bonus, and gift offers, bettors are likely to benefit from using the site.


The Watch and Wager website has an extensive Help section that is classified to help locate the right information easily. If a customer requires additional help, they can also email the company or use their toll free number to obtain live support to resolve their issues. The company has a live support via a toll free number that can help resolve technical glitches, payment issues, and more with ease.

Game Offers

As the Watch and Wager website is exclusively for horse racing, it covers the entire gamut of horse races from across the world. Whether a member would like to bet on races in Australia, Ireland, England, Dubai, or on one of the many races in the US, this is the site to use. Moreover, the races covered include Thoroughbred racing, Greyhound racing, harness racing, and more. A bettor can be use of being able to place bets on any horse race of their preference anywhere in the world.
Moreover, the Watch and Wager website does not limit wager placement to the small window offered for US bets by many global race courses. Instead, bettors can make use of the site’s totalizator hub. This totalizator hub is located in the Hunt valley in Maryland and ensures that all wagers placed via Watch and Wager are integrated into the global pool. This makes the rewards and winning much more significant.

Bettors can place bets on races by following the steps outlined in the help section. The intuitive way in which the bets can be placed, makes this site a great one for those who want to focus on the horses and their racing outcomes, not on learning the intricacies of placing a bet online.


The Watch and Wager site for horse racing bets in the US has a totalizator hub that makes it easy for punters to place bets in the global pool across a variety of races. Moreover, bettors are assured of total transparency when placing their bets. The site does not charge a fee for the placing of bets. Nor does it mix up betting money with the company accounts. This means that the funds of the bettors and more importantly their winnings are not lost through misuse. The site automatically credits all winnings to the account of the winner as soon as the winning horse is declared. This quick and automatic transfer of winnings is a terrific assurance that there is no incorrect use of the money in terms of fudging of accounts.

In order to help newcomers to horse racing understand the various terms and betting practices, the website has a glossary and definitions of some of the most commonly used terms in horse racing.

History & Success

Watch and Wager is completely regulated by the US and state authorities. It is licensed to operate in most states in the US and on most racing tracks in the world. It supports responsible gambling and also helps fund racing tracks. It pays host track fees and also promotes the Cal Expo Harness Racing to promote Standardbred racing in the United States.

If you are a horse racing aficionado and want to capitalize on your skills at picking a winner in various racing events across the globe, you can do so with ease by registering with Watch and Wager. This licensed website is well regulated and supports various racing events apart from offering bettors a transparent and clean way of placing bets. The site does not charge a fee from bettors and even deposits and withdrawals are free of charge in many cases, making it ideal for both those who place large wagers and those who bet using smaller sums.

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