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Online poker has grown more and more each year throughout Canada, as the country is aiming to reform its gambling industry. Several provinces of Canada have given residents the availability of a number of gambling options. With each year that passes, Canada becomes closer to swaying citizens away from any illicit and dangerous sites by allowing them to play on regulated and safe ones. For the time being, each province within the country continues to take a progressive stance for the growing gaming industry. Poker has become the backbone of the prosperous online gambling community throughout Canada. Depending on where you are residing or visiting in Canada, there are a handful of Canadian online poker options available to you.

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Legality of Poker in Canada

Poker has been controversial throughout Canada’s long history. For years, the gambling industry within Canada has fluctuated when dealing with legalization. In the modern era, the progressive ideals of the gambling economy aim to focus on keeping Canadians betting in their own country with good regulation and management. The country continues to open new and improved options to the residents of Canada. The provinces that make up the country each has their own set of laws when dealing with gambling.

According to Canadian law, the provinces take precedence over federal laws when it comes to betting on the Internet. Each province in Canada has set up a gambling regulation system that handles all land based gambling establishments including tribal casinos. Additionally, most provincial governments are either in the process or have regulated an online gambling site.

Although the government in Canada offers residents online gaming options, many players choose to find action on offshore sites. Playing on a foreign site may be illegal in the eyes of provincial law, but residents will not have law enforcement showing up to arrest anyone for participating in a few hands of online poker. The Canadian government has yet to prosecute a single player for playing on an offshore site, as law enforcement solely targets illegal operators.

However, playing on certain foreign sites that are not properly regulated can be very dangerous for players. If you are betting on a site managed in a country with little to zero gambling regulations, you will not be able to pursue any lost or stolen winnings legally. If you do plan on trying any offshore sites, stick with companies that have proper gaming regulations. As well as choosing a site with protective laws, you should always review a site before depositing any cash.

Online Poker Options For Residents

Poker options are becoming easier to find with each year that goes by due to lawmakers pushing for mass reform of the gambling industry. Canada is aiming for a complete adoption of online gambling to keep residents betting within the country. With the knowledge that Canadian players are blindly joining sites based in Curacao or Latvia, the provincial governments are looking to educate better both their citizens towards safe betting as well as provide new and improved gambling options. For instance, sites based in the UK have comprehensive regulation through the Financial Conduct Authority, which serves as the chief merit in the gambling industry.

Safe and Reliable Canadian Poker Sites



The world-renowned interactive poker site that has more players flocking to play online than its competitors. PartyPoker has had quite a history with the online gambling industry. Although the site is only still active in a few select states in the US because of legal stringency, PartyPoker has slowly built a reputation for fair play on longevity. Canadians, however, do have the ability to access PartyPoker successfully, where even a few Canadian pro poker players have risen from the ranks. With millions in prizes given away each week, more and more poker fans are joining the tournament and cash pools offered at PartyPoker.

Mobile Poker

Successfully playing poker on your phone is finally possible as technology has allowed safe payment processing and regulation through an Internet connection in recent years. Mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android offer many legal mobile poker options. Now players can try their hand at a few games of poker wherever they are. They also have the ability to pay via mobile through a multitude of choices. When playing mobile poker, be aware of the security risk of using a public Wi-Fi source. If your playing on the go then you may want to use your data to ensure that your information stays secure. Check our Canadian mobile poker sites reviews to find the top sites that offer on the go poker in Canada.


To find the ideal poker site for you, you must do rigorous research regarding safety and fair play. When choosing a poker site that is based outside of your country, note that jurisdiction laws prevent players from successful pursuance of any lost finances. If you do decide to play offshore, it is always best to use a site that holds to a strict set of regulation for gameplay as well as payment processing.

Sites such as 888 Poker and PartyPoker are both based in the United Kingdom and are authorized and licensed by the country’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Be sure to check out reviews and other bonuses for the top betting sites around the world. Stay safe and always remember your limits when gambling. Have fun and good luck![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]