Banking & Payment Methods at US Casinos and Sportsbooks

It is all well and good experiencing the thrill of online casino, but it’s just as important to know how to withdraw your winnings. After all, if you can’t get hold of you winnings easily, what’s the point. Well, fortunately for US casino and sportsbook players looking to win real money online instantly, here at PlayingLegal we’ve found the best online casino — real money — PayPal online sites, those with American Express online payment methods and even a few bitcoin gambling websites. Read on for more information.

PayPal - No.1 Banking Method for Online Casinos

PayPal has taken American and especially NJ casino and sportsbooks by storm over the last few years, now offering quick and secure gambling transactions. With online casino, PayPal has greatly improved the way customers can deposit — especially due to many US banks restricting gambling transactions. By hooking up your regular bank account, via your MasterCard or Visa credit card, you can circumnavigate your bank’s regular controls — which is perfectly legal and safe.

Not all casinos accept PayPal transactions in the States. We recommend that you check out our casino reviews to confirm, which state all available payment methods available. The majority do, but of course, there are exceptions to the rule.

If you are looking for quick withdrawals then PayPal is arguably one of the quickest and second only to the cage at the casino. Most casinos and sportsbooks that accept PayPal withdrawals will process transactions in as little a three days, which when compared to five days for ACH transfers is rapid. And while we’re not saying regular banking methods will serve you will, if you’re looking at PaySafe USA or American Express online payments as alternative methods, we suggest you check out PayPal casinos and sportsbooks first.

PayPal in New Jersey

Find the best casinos and sportsbooks that accept PayPal in New Jersy​

Is Depositing Into an Online Casino Safe?

Yes. 100%. Although, this does depend on which casino you decide to deposit with, as much as the method you use. Which is why it’s important to only play with legal online casinos in states which have approved bills on online betting. Check out our list of legal casinos in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Nevada for more information.

How to check if an US online casino or sportsbook is safe:

  • Scroll to the bottom of a casino’s website and look for an accreditation logo by a state gambling authority. In New Jersey it is the DGE and in Pennsylvania it is the PGCB.
  • On the website of the gambling authority relevant to your state will be a list of pre-approved domains. For example, you can find all legal domains in New Jersey on the DGE website.
  • If the casinos appears has the above then it will be safe, but it’s a good idea to check our review of the casino to see if we’ve experience issues around payment.
  • Ensure the domain has an SSL certificate and has https:// before the start of the domain — this ensures information you share with the site is encrypted.

Ultimately though, as long as the website is regulated by the DGE (or other equivalent body), payments will normally be safe and secure due to the strict regulations imposed upon online casinos.

Can you deposit with bitcoin at online casinos in the USA?

If you are looking to bet or stake with legal casinos in the US, then the answer to that is, no. None of the legal casinos current accept bitcoin, or any other crypto currency, as a means of depositing. That’s not to say it won’t change, but right now, we can’t think of any legal bitcoin casinos in the US.

Of course, the important phrase here is legal, and while we would never suggest to bet with an unlicensed or illegal casino or sportsbook in the US, if you look hard enough you will find casinos willing to accept your bitcoin. The real question is though, can you trust them to pay your winnings, or return funds locked in your account? That’s the real risk.

PayNearMe - What Is It and How Can I Use It?

Sometimes, even if an online casino is extremely safe and secure, a few players still feel the need to deposit in cash. This used to mean driving all the way to the casino and depositing via the cage — which, let’s be honest, nobody really has the time for.

And this is where PayNearMe came in. Described as a simpler way to collect payment for vendors, it’s also a simpler way to deposit in casinos for online gamblers in the States. Simply, all you have to do is head to your local 7-Eleven and request to deposit into your online gambling account with cash.

Here’s how to deposit into your gambling account with PayNearMe:

  1. Request your PayNearMe barcode from your online casino.
  2. Print off the barcode and head to your local 7-Eleven.
  3. Head to the store clerk and hand over the PayNearMe barcode.
  4. Ask to deposit into your casino account and hand over the cash.
  5. Wait for your receipt and head back home.
  6. Check your online casino account to ensure funds are available.

After depositing with PayNearMe fund will appear in your casino account almost instantly, but it can take up to one hour. If after an hour there are still no funds in your account we recommend you contact customer support.

Can you Deposit With MasterCard, Visa or American Express at US Casinos?

The quick answer is maybe.

It all depends on who you bank with. While there is no definitive list on hand, we do know that bettors who bank with Chase have experienced issues in the past. Otherwise, we recommend you contact your bank before attempting to deposit with MasterCard, Visa or American Express.

Depositing at the casino with Neteller - Is It possible?

One of the first payment methods to allow customers in the US to send and receive funds from online gambling companies, Neteller arguably helped revolutionise the way that US gamblers deposit online. Nowadays, many of the most popular online casinos in New Jersey and further afield use Neteller as a payment method.

What is Neteller?

To put it simply, Neteller is an e-money transfer service, which acts in a way like PayPal. Simply connect your bank account to Neteller and use it to move funds in and out of your account and into online gambling accounts.
You can also withdraw funds directly with Neteller’s Net+ card, which acts like a regular Mastercard or Visa account.

How many casinos and sportsbooks accept Neteller in the States?

In total there are around 10 key casinos that accept Neteller in popular gaming states such as New Jersey. These are:

  • Golden Nugget
  • Tropicana Casino
  • Sugar House
  • Party Casino
  • Unibet Casino
  • playMGM
  • Caesars Casino
  • Virgin Casino
  • 888Casino
  • Borgata Casino

There may be more casinos that accept PayPal in New Jersey, but the above are good examples of highly rated and reliable online casinos that PlayingLegal trusts.

Why Should You ditch Depositing or Withdrawing With ACH transfers?

Welcome to the 21st century — where the skies are blue, the online casinos are rocking and it no longer takes six days to collect your winnings from an online casino. With the advent of PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and many more online-based payment portals, you no longer have to trust the stale old American banking system to process your winnings.

Did you know the likes of 888Casino NJ will process withdrawals via PayPal in as little as three days? And that’s the maximum amount of time it’ll take for the funds to hit your account. If you’re lucky, you could have your winnings in less than 24 hours. Of course, this is assuming you have provided your ID and any other documentation the casino may require — until then, it can take longer.

Here are our favorite alternatives to ACH transfers when it comes to online casino banking:

  • PayPal — literally the best.
  • Neteller — an e-wallet which makes banking simple.
  • PayNearMe — use cash to play online casino without going to the casino cage.
  • MasterCard or Visa — if your bank allows it.
  • PaySafeCard USA

The only reason you should still be withdrawing via ACH is if:

  • It’s literally your only option. Period.
  • The casino you play with rewards you for withdrawing via ACH, which is very unlikely.

And finally, if the above isn’t enough to put you off, just think about the potential fees. While your bank might not charge, the casino may — and vice versa. Sometimes, you can be charged by your bank and your casino to withdraw via ACH. You’re literally burning cash. Don’t do it!

What is PaySafeCard USA?

PaySafeCard USA works like PayNearMe — but the opposite way around. Instead of going to the casino and depositing into your account with cash via a barcode (the PayNearMe method), instead you purchase a ‘card’ from your local 7-Eleven or local outlet (there are 650,000 available in the States) with a code on it, which you can use on your computer at home.

Some people prefer PaySafeCard to PayNearMe since you leave the store with something of value. Yes, others will contend that PayNearMe is less bothersome as once you hand over cash, you’re done. Of course, there are pros and cons to every payment method in the States, but we think that PaySafeCard for online casino and sportsbook is a great alternative to more primitive methods, such as ACH bank transfer.

Depositing at the Casino Cage - Is It Worth It?

If you live near many of the AC Casinos in New Jersey, or you’re just around the corner from the Las Vegas strip, then why not? But for most people, just dropping into the casino after work isn’t possible. That’s why the guys at PlayingLegal are in two minds about whether depositing via the casino cage for online gambling is worthwhile.

Let’s face it — online casino is amazing, but does it beat a night at the casino? We’ll be honest, no. For the everyday gambler, there’s no greater buzz than walking into Caesars or Harrah’s and playing with a real crouper — although we do admit, live casino online is nearly just as good — and so by dropping into the casino just to deposit into your online account via the cage isn’t going to happen. That’s why we advise you stick to more conventional methods, such as PayPal; or if you have to deposit via cash why not use the PayNearMe or pick up a PaySafeCard USA voucher.

Can you deposit into your online casino account via the casino cage at Atlantic City?

Yes, of course. Many of the most popular casinos at AC have an online presence. In every online casino review for NJ we’ve detailed whether or not the casino cage is an option — but spoiler alert, we couldn’t find any that don’t allow you to use the casino cage for online deposits.

Yes, 100%. Many of the online casinos which are based in New Jersey (Atlantic City) accept PayPal deposits and withdrawals. The key thing to do is to check before you consider staking, which you can do via our handy online casino reviews. It’s worth keeping in mind that PayPal is considered one of the most reliable and trusted online banking methods, not just for gambling, but for most transfers in the States. For more information check out our guide on depositing at New Jersey online casinos.
Before reading ahead, if you have asked your bank to block gambling transactions due to self-restriction and you’re looking for ways to circumvent this, then we advise you visit or call 1-800-GAMBLER. Remember, it’s not worth it. Otherwise, some banks still have a policy of blocking gambling transactions due to old legislation. If this is the case, by connecting your MasterCard or Visa to a PayPal or Neteller account, or by depositing funds directly into PayPal and using said funds to deposit into your gambling account, you can play without being blocked by your bank account.

Yes, most definitely. PayPal will normally impose a $5k per day limit, while PayNearMe allows you to deposit a maximum of $500 per day. We’ve detailed the limits of the most popular methods in our casino reviews. Otherwise, please check out the table below for limits around the most popular methods.