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Searching for leading online sportsbooks and casinos in Nevada or Las Vegas? Looking for WSOP codes, US sports betting sites in particular, or just trying to brush up on Nevada gambling law? You might even be concerned about whether or not is gambling legal in Nevada. If so, you’ve found the right site. Here at PlayingLegal, we search high and low to find the best online gambling websites in Las Vegas and further state-wide.

Top Site for Online Poker: World Series of Poker NV

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What Types of Gambling are Legal Under Nevada Online Gambling Laws?

Arguably one of the most popular poker platforms in Nevada and arguably the world round, the World Series of Poker is also televised internationally to an audience of millions. Hence, for this reason, WSOP’s online poker service simply has to be top of the pile.

What impresses us here at PlayingLegal most is their vast range of freeroll tournaments, perfect for newbies and those less-experienced playing poker online. By depositing $10, you will be rewarded with tickets to seven freerolls worth in total $100. Each freeroll starts at 7.p.m PST and each player is in with a shot to win $100. WSOP free poker is, quite frankly, something to shout about.

Furthermore, WSOP’s Sunday schedule is worth shouting about, with a full range of high-value tournament prizes, with the spotlight being on their $50,000 guaranteed no-limit hold’em special. There are also weekly $10k and $5k tournaments on offer.

Overall, if you’re looking for a solid poker website in Nevada with plenty to offer, then we highly recommend you check out WSOP.

Online Poker in Nevada - WSOP Codes & Freerolls

Bill H271, also known as “the gambling expansion pack”, was signed by Gov. Tom Wolf in 2017. It allowed Pennsylvania to authorize interactive gaming across all the channels mentioned above and more. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board was initially formed as a result of the Pennsylvania Racehorse Development and Gaming Act (2004). By 2009, the industry was in full swing and has since, always been second to Nevada in terms of revenue. In 2018, Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware were the only other states in the country where online gaming was legal.

Parx Casino (a Philadelphia casino), Sugarhouse Casino and Penn National's Hollywood Casino (a land-based casino near Hershey) were the first to operate games on websites and mobile applications under the new 2017 state law. SugarHouse Casino, along with Rush Street Interactive, launched the first online betting casino in Pennsylvania.

Are there WSOP codes for poker available?

No, you don’t need a coupon code to get started at WSOP online. Just deposit and you’ll get your freeroll tickets without a hitch.

Are there any other online poker operators in Nevada?

At the time of writing there is one more online poker platform available — Real Gaming Online Poker, which is owned and operated by the South Point Hotel. Another, Ultimate Poker, did exist but is now defunct.

RealGaming is an amazing platform for playing online poker and gives a run for its money. It offers plentiful of ongoing promotions to entice players to keep returning. For example, one of their most popular promotions is their Final Table Freerolls and High Hand of the Hour. South Point Casino in Las Vegas launched RealGaming in July 2013. They received their interactive gaming license in August 2012 from the Nevada Gaming Commission, becoming the first to receive their license in Nevada, but not the first to open their doors.

Can I only play against people in Nevada?

No, not at all. In fact, there are many states with allow residents to play online poker and as such you could be coming up against a Delawarian or Garden State residents.

On April 30, 2018, Nevada agreed to pool players with NJ online poker sites and due to that a shared site with Delaware poker sites and NJ launched.

Nevada Online Gambling Laws

Nevada is presently one of the leading states within the Union in regard to the gambling industry. The Nevada gambling industry is also its highest form of tax revenue as it is home to the largest variety of slot machines, table games, and various sports gambling methods in the country.

This leniency towards gambling comes with much regulation and management of the different enterprises within the state. Currently, the state also has one of the only legal online poker platforms and authorizes a series of online casino platforms to service the residents of Nevada.

Nevada made big waves back in 2013 when it became the first US state to create legislature for and implement online poker websites. It was the first state to have live US-based poker websites host 100% legal online poker games within the US.

Sports Betting in Nevada - Best Las Vegas Betting Sites

Fortunately for residents for Nevada, there is a wide range of online US sports betting apps available to use. Gone are the days you would have to venture all the way to the sports track to place a bet — instead, just load up your favorite sportsbook on your laptop, tablet or phone and bet on US sports in Nevada. And get questions such as ‘is online sports betting legal’ because, more and more often, we’re seeing states such as Nevada open up to online sports betting. 

In fact, there are several betting apps online that allow Nevada gamblers to legally bet on sports. Some of the most popular betting websites are:

  • MGM Sports
  • Westgate SuperBook
  • William Hill
  • The Wynn
  • NV Sports
  • BetMGM

Of course, we suggest you check out a few of the popular platforms before committing to any Nevada sports betting app, but there are many other top-quality online betting platforms available. 

How Do You Sign Up to Online Sportsbooks in Nevada?

Sadly, signing up for online sportsbooks in Nevada takes a little more work than other states, but it’s also probably the hardest part.

  • Locate the building or casino where the sportsbook you want to bet with is based.
  • Jump in your car and head on over there.
  • Find either the clerk, or the casino cage, and ask to register online.
  • Provide your ID and proof of address.
  • Hand over any cash you wish to deposit.
  • Make a note of your new login details and sign-in on their NV sportsbook app.

Is Online Casino Legal in Nevada?

Looking to play at the likes of SLS Las Vegas, Chumba Casino or Peppermill Reno’s Casino online, from the comfort of your own home? Unfortunately, you can’t. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but online casinos aren't currently available in Nevada. Fortunately, this could soon change. The same law that made way for online poker in Nevada also allows for casino gambling — meaning no new bill would be required, just approval from lawmakers; legalizing online casino is being discussed currently and Nevada is making steps towards opening the floodgates for casino online.

Due to the success in New Jersey, at PlayingLegal we think it won’t be too long before Nevada approves online casinos. There were multiple fears from legislators that, for example, online casinos would cannibalize brick-and-mortar casinos or it would be impossible to ensure players were in-fact within Nevada state boundaries; but since Atlantic City is flourishing still and geo-targeting tools have progressed in leaps and bounds, original concerns from lawmakers are no longer valid. 

Nevada Online Gambling Laws: Fantasy Sports Betting

In 2015, Nevada's state Attorney General and the Nevada Gaming Control Board officially declared Daily Fantasy Sports requiring a license to play in the Silver State. Both DFS' major companies, FanDuel and DraftKings, as well as other DFS operators, closed their doors to the state's residents right away.

There was some talk in 2016 to come up with an alternative to licensing DFS operators. In fact, a bill was drafted by FanDuel and DraftKings and was an almost exact copy of the Daily Fantasy Sports legislation that was passed in states that legalized it.

However, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval determined that there was no need to change the current regulations on DFS in Nevada. While DFS is not technically illegal to play in Nevada, DFS operators require a license similar to other types of gambling within the state. So far, DFS operators have not wanted to go through the hassle of applying for a gaming license.

Are Online Casinos Banned in the US?

Until 2006, it was the Federal Wire Act of 1961 which banned intra-state sports betting. Other RNG-fuelled games of chance were not specified within the bill. Due to this numerous lawsuits arose and in 2006 the “Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act” did not ban gambling online — but it did ban transactions between vendors and as such many stopped serving customers in the US.  Sadly, due to the definition of “illegal internet gambling”not being defined within the bill, the law came under extensive criticism.

At the close of 2009, there arose a number of discussions around the controversial law, resulting in the proposal of a new bill by the Internet Gambling Regulation — the Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act, which would regulate and legalize online poker and other internet gambling games. This was passed in 2010. This essentially opened up the floodgates to allow many other states to join the foray, with New Jersey acting as the pioneering state.

US Legislation

Nevada Online Gambling - Final Thoughts

Nevada proves to be one of the best states in the nation for gambling options. The Silver State is home to Las Vegas, which is the largest hub for brick and mortar gambling. Although there are a few restrictions on Internet wagering, the progressive policies in the state look forward to changing in full favor of online gambling. You should never gamble over an illegal website or enterprise. Stay away from offshore sites and stick to the legal online alternatives. If you have a gambling addiction, you should seek help as soon as possible. Remember your limits and to enjoy the experience. Have fun and good luck!
Online poker became regulated and legal on February 25, 2013 when AB114 was put into law. The bull authorized online poker licenses to be distributed within Nevada. In May 2013, Ultimate Poker became the first official site to offer licensed and regulated online poker games played for real money in the US.
At this time, you can only play online poker on those websites that have a license to operate within Nevada.
There's a good chance that online casino games will become legal in Nevada at a certain point in the near future. This is due to the fact that the same law that allows for regulated online poker within the state also paves way for online casino gameplay, which means that no new bill would need to be drafted. Lawmakers in the state have indeed been discussing it. There is some concern that online casinos would cut into the revenue of land-based ones. However, The Nevada Gaming Policy Committee doesn't seem to concerned with that and in fact has been looking into the age verification processes and geo-location software.