Derby Jackpot Review

Derby Jackpot is part of Derby Games and Xpressbet. The company is a leading provider of advance wager games and is licensed by the state of Oregon to offer online horse racing wagers. It is regulated by the Oregon Racing Commission. Those residing in Oregon or other states that permit wagering under state and federal laws can register with the site to place wagers on horse races across the world. The site makes it explicitly clear that those members who move to states that do not permit online wagering have to close their real money accounts.

The legality of the site as well as the licenses and regulations it has obtained make it a safe website for horse race enthusiasts to use to place wagers. While some states prohibit this wagering, most people in the US can place wagers on horse racing events using either their home computers or mobile devices.

Derby Jackpot Bonus

The Derby Jackpot site offers a $10 bonus for new players. It also offers other bonuses and rewards from time to time, including Groupon coupon discounts. Players can take advantage of the bonus offers to increase their stake when betting on horse races. The website offers regular bonuses and rewards that vary from day to day. The bonus should be used within 30 days of it being credited to the player’s accounts or it is likely to lapse.


The Derby Jackpot website is a regulated, advance wagering site that is easy to load and intuitive to navigate. The rules are simple and clearly explained on the site. Players can also make practice bets before they wager for real money. Moreover, all bets are activated only if they appear in the My Bets column of the account, which happens only after the bettor confirms the bet. The live chat support and the practice panel means that new bettors can understand the process with greater ease. The glossary of terms used for racing and betting as well as the live help ensure that bettors understand the terms of the wager before placing their bets.

Mobile / App

The Derby Jackpot website can be accessed from computers or mobile devices. This means that those who are currently in the Oregon state jurisdiction and eligible to gamble can place their bets and watch the races from anywhere within the state. This ability to place bets around the clock and on the go ensures that horse racing aficionados will never have a dull moment. They can place bets when waiting in queues or for a flight, using the secure mobile app.


The Derby Jackpot website is well designed and easy to navigate. The tabs are self-explanatory and the main page opens with a list of the next race, the number of hours left, the horse taking part, and the odds being offered. This makes it simple to place a bet as long as the bettor has an account and has made a deposit.


Good Navigation

Is Legal?

The Derby Jackpot website can be legally used by those living within the Oregon state jurisdiction. The licensed website is regulated and all those who are over the age of 21 and within the borders of Oregon can place bets on horse races taking place in part of the world using their computers or mobile devices. 37 other states enjoy playing absolutely legal on Derby Jackpot.

The only states where the site is restricted are below:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • District of Columbia
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Utah

The site makes it mandatory for those who move out of the state to close their accounts after informing the company. Moreover, accounts cannot be transferred, ensuring privacy and safety of account holder information.


At present the Derby Jackpot accepts deposit payments using Visa and MasterCard credit cards. The company plans to include other payment modes soon. The minimum deposits accepted are for $10 and the company charges a $5 fee for each deposit made. Members need to be verified before they can make deposits and initially they can only make a maximum deposit of $500. After further verification, members can make deposits of up to $2,000.

Withdrawals of winnings are by check or demand drafts and take up to five business days. The winnings are credited to the account of the member as soon as the winner of a race is officially declared. However, winners need to specifically ask for withdrawals using specific forms that can be posted or faxed.
Apart from this the site will automatically close inactive accounts and charge a holding fee of $2 per month if the inactive account has funds. After six months any amount left in the account will be sent to the account holder by draft after deducting closing fees.

Bitcoin Payment on Derby Jackpot

Derby Jackpot is one of the few betting sites that accept Bitcoins. Users enjoy depositing and withdrawing with Bitcoins. It's fast, uncomplicated and safe! So if you have some Bitcoins laying around, you should use them on Derby Jackpot!


The Derby Jackpot website has a frequently asked questions section that answers most queries that users are likely to ask. However, if there are technical glitches or any other query, the site has a live chat support that can be accessed by clicking on the large question mark icon on the right-hand bottom corner of the page.

Game Offers

The Derby Jackpot offers advance wagers on various horse races held in different parts of the world. For instance, using the website, one can bet on horse races in the US as well as in England and Ireland. The upcoming race is featured on the main page and the number of hours left for the race to begin is displayed on the clock. The horses participating in the race are also displayed along with the current odds being offered. The website consolidates all of the bets placed by members on the particular race and transmits this information to the race course organizers.

The races are social wagers, in the sense that the house or race track or even the website do not benefit from any particular horse winning. Instead, the race track and the website take a percentage of all wagers made as their share. This makes for more transparent betting and races with less chance of a race being rigged.

The odds offered in any particular race depend on the assessment of the various bettors on the ability of a horse to win and the race track and the website simply share out the winning pot among all of the winners.


The Derby Jackpot is a well-designed horse race betting website that is legal and authorized by the state of Oregon. The website can be used by those in various states in the US, though some states do not permit people from within their borders to participate in real money wagers. The website is regulated and offers secure payment gateways, privacy, and access to racing events on a global scale. This means that there is almost always a horse race that is upcoming and bettors can assess the form of the horses running and place their bets accordingly.

The social nature of the betting and the fact that bettors are not betting against the house ensures greater winnings.

History & Success

The Derby Jackpot and Xpressbet were started in 2012 and have since been providing advance wagering opportunities for many people in the US. The site makes it possible for horse racing enthusiasts to bet on horse races in various countries, all from the comfort of their homes. So far the site has paid out large sums in winnings.

Some players have won more than $10,000 in the first bet they placed. Derby Jackpot provides plenty of information on races. Besides, members can chat with each other and discuss the forms of horses they are betting on and analyze races. The website is not just a wagering site but a forum where horse race enthusiasts can mingle and chat with each other.

The licenses and regulation that the website is subjected to make it completely legal in most states in the US. The company verifies account holders and discourages those under 21 from becoming members. The company also encourages those who suspect that they have a gambling problem take help to resolve their issues, while enabling others to place bets legally in the US.

The Derby Jackpot is an ideal website for horse racing enthusiasts in Oregon and its jurisdictions who would like to place bets on horses participating in races around the world. The easy to navigate website has live chat support, simple steps to register bets, and accepts deposits via credit cards. Those wanting to place bets when on the move can do so using mobile devices.

The site enables bettors to watch the races and the results in real time. The website also helps horse racing enthusiasts who want to talk about the races communicate with each other using the website. This provides bettors with a community feeling and enables them to discuss their passion with knowledgeable and like-minded people.

Register with the Derby Jackpot website now and complete the verification formalities to start betting on premier horse races in the US and the rest of the world. The newcomer bonus only adds to the welcoming feel that the site offers all members. There is nothing like feeling wanted!