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The DraftKings is a daily fantasy sports website that is 100% based in the US, in Boston. It is licensed and regulated, making it absolutely legal to play fantasy sports for free or real money on the site. In 2006, the government passed a law – the Federal UIGEA – that prohibits Internet gambling. However, as fantasy sports is a game of skill and not chance, it was specifically exempted from the ban, making it legal to play in the United States.

The daily fantasy game is as legal as the season long fantasy sports. However, the daily version is easier to play as you do not have to commit to a season-long strategy and that same amount of time. All residents of the US can participate in the fantasy sports offered by DraftKings. While most states require participants to be over the age of 18, Alabama and Nebraska based participants must be over the age of 19. For UK and International players read our UK DRAFTKINGS REVIEW.

A completely legal, US-based website that offers online fantasy sports is a spectacular way to spend a relaxing evening. Read on for our Draftkings Review:

Draftkings Bonus

DraftKings offers a free entry to a fantasy contest in which you can win real money for first time players. The person registering has to enter the promo code to be eligible for the free entry. Other first time entrants can be assured of their first deposit being doubled, ensuring a bigger kitty with which to play. The site also offers a bonus for referring a friend. DraftKings also offers Frequent Player Points for those who enter paid contests. The points are awarded regardless of whether the player wins or loses. The FPP can be used to as a freeroll to enter other contests.

The bonus paid can be used to participate in other games, ensuring that frequent players as well as those who refer friend make enough points to play in real money games and increase their chances of winning.

Receive Draftkings Bonus


DraftKings fantasy sports is played on a daily basis, making it much easier for participants who are unsure about their time commitments over a season. The site offers more than $1 billion in prizes this year, making it a terrific place to play fantasy sports. Making up a team takes as little as two minutes. Players can choose to build teams for the NFL, MLB, NBA, and the NCAA.

The well-designed website that makes it easy to compose a team as well as the support and quick payments offered make this a stellar site to pay in.


Draftkings Mobile / App

DraftKings has a mobile friendly version for both Android and iOS smart-phones. The free apps have been updated to make them more mobile friendly. With these apps it is possible for members to easily spot current games, recent ones, and upcoming games. Moreover, when playing with real money, the app will display a money bag and winnings are shown in green font. The iOS version has a night mode that is darker. Using the mobile apps, members can enjoy fantasy sports on the go, eliminating tedious waiting times.



The website is well-designed and loads quickly. This makes it simple to build a team in minutes and start participating. The easy to navigate site is designed for intuitive navigation. This makes it simple for the user to make deposits or participate in the games.

Contestants can choose to enter contests from the front page, making it easier to navigate.

Choosing the sport, the level, the number of persons in the pool, the team, and everything else is outstanding on this site. Moreover, the site provides a cap on player salary, ensuring that every participant in the contest has an even chance of picking a winning team.

Is Draftkings Legal?

DraftKings is 100% legal and winnings are paid out immediately. The company keeps the deposits segregated and does not use it for operational expenses, ensuring that players are assured of their winnings being paid quickly.

While 44 states in the US permit online fantasy sports, the states of Washington, Iowa, Montana, Hawaii, Arizona, and Louisiana have banned these games and as such DraftKings does not permit those in these states to participate in the real money competitions.

As part of the legal requirements, DraftKings will notify the authorities if a player wins more than $600 in a single year, including bonus points and other payouts. The federal government is destitute, irresponsible, and refuses to stop spending more money than they have so they need all the money they can get. This includes any money you win via online gambling. As such those playing in the fantasy sports league and making money from the winnings should make sure that they declare winnings to the tax authorities because the IRS has never been so greedy and bloated.


Members can make deposits using Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit cards or gift cards. They can also use PayPal to make a deposit. When using a gift card, you need to retain it since your winnings will be credited back to it, before additional sums are sent to you via demand draft.

DraftKings makes it as easy to withdraw money from a member’s account as it is to make a deposit. Players can simply fill the online application in the MyAccount section to withdraw funds. To eliminate fraud, the company credits money into the same account from which the payment was made. You can call support for help in making a withdrawal.

Hassle free payouts and member security and privacy are assured by the site, making it ideal to join for fantasy sports.


DraftKings offers live customer support in the form of a chat window seven days a week during business hours. In addition, members can email customer support with their queries. Industry leading customer support and a no commitment to long-term playing make this website a golden one for those wishing to play fantasy sports.

Game Offers

DraftKings allows members to create teams for a variety of national and college level sports such as NLF, NBA, MLB, CBB, NHL, PGA, CFB, and SOC. The members can play against a single opponent or against multiple opponents for a larger pool.

The site offers multiple types of wagers such as guaranteed prize pools where the winner is assured of the prize even if the pool does not fill up, one-on-one contests where the winner takes all, leagues where you can play against two or more opponents in a smaller field, 50/50s where the teams that finish in the top half of the field win a prize whatever the number of entries, qualifying rounds where participants can aim to win a free ticket to the higher rounds, steps where the member advances step by step, multipliers, where winnings can quickly be multiplied, freeroll contests that are free, and beginner contests that are aimed at ensuring the newer members are more comfortable.

By offering college football and basketball games, the DraftKings website ensures that those who want to play with players from college level games too can do so with ease.


The site is totally legal in the US and offers members a chance to play fantasy sports in a variety of tournaments. The game of skill also enables them to win significantly. The secure payment gateway and the total commitment to privacy are also some things that make the site stand out.

The site makes payouts immediately and works to ensure that it is possible to quickly withdraw winnings.

DraftKings also has in place well-defined strategy to share winnings in case of a tie. For instance, if two people are tied at first place, DraftKings will add the prize money for the first and second places and divide this amount between the two winners. With such clear policies in place, DraftKings ensures that the fantasy sports and the competitions are conducted in a clear and transparent manner.

The site offers free games for those who do not want to spend money but still offers real money rewards to winners. This makes the website an exciting place from which to learn how to play fantasy sports, building your own team.

The site also provides detailed solutions for various contingencies that can arise when one is playing fantasy sports. For instance, the site is clear on its policy of what to do when it rains over a match, or if a player who has been selected sustains an injury and quits playing for the season.

The site makes the terms and conditions and rules and regulations for playing fantasy games very clear. Rules for withdrawing from a competition are clearly mentioned, making it easier for those who want to compete.

DraftKings offers plenty of distinct advantages when it comes to fantasy sports. The transparent manner in which the sports are run and the tech support provided ensures that DraftKings will remain a destination of choice for those who play fantasy sports. This makes for more professional competitors, increasing the challenge and interest in the game.

History & Success

DraftKings has a well-designed website for permitting members to participate in fantasy sports. With secure payment gateways and a quick loading website, the site encourages members to indulge in fantasy sports.


DraftKings is a legal daily playing fantasy sports website that is based in the US. It provides those who want to play fantasy sports and bet on the outcome a viable platform.

Sites Like Draftkings

Draftkings has numerous competitors, Fanduel or StarsDraft to name a few. Currently there is an ongoing battle for the market leadership between Fanduel versus DraftKings.

Visit Draftkings.com


The Review


8 Score

"Second biggest Fantasy Sports site out there with tons of great promotions. "

The Good

  • Outstanding Promotions
  • Good Welcome Offer
  • Many games
  • easy to use
  • 100% Legal

The Bad

  • no Android app


  • Welcome Offer 70%
  • Website 80%
  • Mobile 70%
  • Support 90%
  • Payment 90%
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