New Jersey Online Casinos that Accept Skrill

There are plenty of different online money payment systems to choose from in this day and age, and although most are both secure and safe, there are some out there that you cannot trust. Because of this, you must make sure to do your research when deciding on a system to use. However, if you land on Skrill, then you can rest easy knowing that you are using one of the most reliable and trustworthy payment systems on the market. Business and innovation has been at the center of the company through the many years of operation, giving Skrill plenty of experience in the space.

Skrill prioritizes their customers’ ability to receive and transfer funds securely and so have measures in place to ensure each customer is satisfied with their transaction. The Skrill payment systems are continually updated so that they can block any potential threats that may emerge, as well as use the highest security encryption technology to provide their customers with a defended experience. In addition, Skrill also offers users exclusive promotions as an added bonus for utilizing the Skrill platform. We’ve put together a comprehensive review of Skrill so you can make an informed decision on whether or not to try out their services.

New Jersey Online Casinos That Accept Skrill

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Skrill Background

In 2001, Skrill got its start in the United Kingdom as Moneybookers. Over its history, Skrill has developed several technologies in the finance industry to provide a stable and affordable online payment method. Skrill is given permission to issue money transfer services electronically in 40 different currencies and is operating in seven European languages. Currently, over 36 million people use Skrill, attesting to its trustworthiness. Among those who praise Skrill and its service are those gambling online. Internet gaming requires efficient banking options and Skrill has proven to be fast and safe at a minimal fee rate.   

How Skrill Ensures Your Transfers Are Safe

Skrill does several things to ensure their customers' safety. This includes:

  • Requiring that you scan their passport or another form of ID, as well as show proof of address if customers reach a certain limit.
  • Requires you to give a thorough account verification before releasing their funds
  • Cash deposits are not allowed.
  • Withdraws a tiny amount from the account for verification.

How Skrill Works

Skrill allows you to make international money transfers by using its Skrill Prepaid MasterCard or through a pay and play function. The company normally charges a 1 percent fee for any funds that are transferred, up to a maximum fee of 10 EUR. Skrill allows you to send funds through several different channels including MasterCard, American Express, Visa, Discover, and JCB.  At the moment, you can use Skrill to send money internationally with a zero fee for transfering to a bank account. The Visa fee is currently 1.7 percent and MasterCard is 2.3 percent.

Advantages of Using Skrill

Skrill is entirely free to sign up and create your digital wallet to send and receive money right away. The company works in real-time, which means you will not wait long to see your funds in the account you want them. You can make a free account in minutes. Registration is quick and linking your bank or card is simple and straightforward.It is important to add that your first money transfer is completely free on Skrill.

One of the most substantial advantages to utilizing Skrill’s service is that there is no fee associated with withdrawing funds. Additionally, once money has been sent it will be transferred to the wanted destination right away. That being said, in some cases, there may be some delays when withdrawing funds from a local bank, particularly on holidays and weekends. With over forty currencies supported, you take advantage of the flexibility of using CAD, AUD, USD, DKK, NOK, etc.

Another strong advantage to utilizing Skrill is the ability to have a speedy verification process for transactions online. Where competition such as companies like Paypal take up to two days on a verification and registration time window, Skrill is able to safely transfer funds in a single day with the registration process handled in a timely manner.

Additionally, in the case of most online payment methods, making deposits and withdrawals from gambling sites can be restrictive. Skrill is an exception, fully endorsing the industry and aiming to provide players with an effective option when playing online.

Disadvantages of Using Skrill

You may experience a hidden charge from exchanging different currencies. For instance, you may find the exchange rate slightly higher than you would other platforms, which thus would make it somewhat more expensive to use. The fee is small, ranging from 2.99 to 3.99 percent. However, there are companies that have their own disadvantages without a fee for currency exchange being own of them.

The dormant account fee is another disadvantage on Skrill. At the moment, it is only at a single euro per month to keep the account open after you have had 12 months of dormant activity.

Additionally, there have been several complaints from consumers that it is an inconvenience that Skrill locks their account in cases where a large sum of money is attempting to be transferred. Although timing can be a disadvantage, safety is a higher importance to insure the money transfer is accurate and authorized.

Skrill’s Exclusive Promotions

When you start using Skrill as your payment transfer system of choice, Skrill allows registered customers to claim a series of revolving rewards associated with partnered gambling sites. Skrill’s bonus offers are all free and claimable by anyone registered on the platform. The multitude of bonus deals update regularly every month are perfect for a number of different types of merchant sites, that also include daily fantasy, forex/binary options, cryptocurrencies, and popular shopping.   

Skrill's VIP Service

Those customers that transfer more than 2000 EUR each month have the opportunity to become a VIP member. Joining will allow you to receive excellent benefits such as:

  • 100 percent guaranteed safety for your funds
  • A personal account manager
  • Free withdrawals and deposits
  • The ability to earn points for each transaction made, which can go towards exclusive promotions and offers including cash rewards

Skrill's Prepaid MasterCard

Skrill’s prepaid MasterCard is award winning and gives you discounts, as well as 30 percent cash back bonus at some of the most well-known brands. By obtaining one of these cards, you’ll get no cancellation or monthly fees, and won’t be charged an additional fee for using it overseas. It is also available in four currencies—EUR, USD, PLN, and GBP.

Skrill’s Mobile App

Right now, you are able to download Skrill’s mobile wallet app in iOS or Android for Apple or Android mobile devices respectively on either the Apple iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. Within the mobile app, you are able to access your account on Skrill as well as transfer or withdrawal money instantly. You can even keep an eye on recent transaction history via your mobile.

Customer Service

How customers are treated is important when evaluating a financial service. When it comes to Skrill, they are known to give their customers the help they need 24/7. Additionally, they have trained representatives that speak 12 different languages, and so customers will be helped no matter what country they reside. There are several ways to contact Skrill including fax, email, phone, and mail. Skrill has excelled at customer service where many financial technology companies have fallen short. Resolving financial related queries always take a priority in the customer community and require fast solving service.

Using Skrill For Online Gambling

Depositing money on an online gambling site with Skrill is a fast and simple process that doesn’t even require you to know an account number. Once you’ve logged on to your online gambling site of choice, you must head over to the cashier section to ensure that they accept Skrill. Most sites are incentivized to partner with Skrill so there are plenty of options among the industry. Keep in mind that some websites may have it listed under Moneybookers. Once you’ve selected Skrill as your payment method of choice, you must enter the email that is linked to your Skrill account, as well as input the amount that you want to deposit.

Once you’ve completed this, you’ll be directed to your gambling site's security process. They will require your Skrill password, as well as a six-digit code that you must enter. This will ensure that you are not subject to a hacking attempt. Once completed, the funds will be entered into your account.

In the case that you do not have enough funds in your Skrill account to cover the amount you want to deposit, you can add the amount using a debit or credit card that you have previously registered.

The majority of online gambling sites will not charge a fee for using Skrill. Expect withdrawals to take as long as 24 hours to process. Though, in many cases, it will only take a couple of hours.

Can US Residents Use Skrill on Gambling Sites?

As of now, United States players can use Skrill on online gambling sites that hold US and state legal regulations and authorization. Before recently, players in the US were unable to utilize Skrill for online gambling. This is because Skrill removed itself from the US online gambling market once the UIGEA bill was passed to shut most forms of online wagering in the US, not wanting to risk legal trouble with the US government.

Can US Residents Use Skrill on Fantasy Sports Sites?

There are plenty of Fantasy Sports websites that allow US residents to deposit using Skrill. Skrill currently has a deal with DraftKings. However, keep in mind that when depositing with Skrill, your payout can only be sent to your Skrill wallet on some sites.


For those who want a safe and secure means of depositing funds online then Skrill is one of the best options out there. Verification is as swift as any online payment service provider available. Online gambling with Skrill enables smooth banking when playing to allow you to focus on the game and not on payment issues. With the advantages of using Skrill and the minimal fees, it is a cost-effective and safe way to send and receive money without giving away your private information.