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Payment processing is a critical component of playing on online betting sites. Due to the high number of sites to choose from, bettors and participants wishing to play will always need a safe method to transfer funds both to and from their site of choice. Additionally, playing on a website with trusted payment processing partners is a vital part of choosing a secure online betting platform. It is recommended that you know about the payment processing company you decide to use before deciding to deposit any of your cash.

With the online betting industry still growing with new technology aiding its success, the betting experience should be a safe and fun experience for every bettor. Thanks to payment processing companies such as Visa and MasterCard, sites are becoming more secure so the focus and attention can be put on the game at hand.

A solid business within the payment industry is American Express otherwise known as the abbreviation AmEx. AmEx acts as a commerce network between producers and consumers, servicing millions of transactions annually through a major variety of merchants. Every merchant offering online betting gameplay, as well as each and every bettor should have an efficient, secure processing system that they can trust. Before choosing to pay online through American Express, here is some research on the company and its ties to the online betting industry.

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  • The History of American Express
  • AmEx and Online Betting Around the World
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Old Roots of American Express

In 1850, American Express got its start as a protected courier service to transport valuable items across the ever-expanding United States. At the time, safety became key to delivering expensive pieces of post such as cash, jewelry, and ownership paperwork. With the start of the American Civil War, the United States Postal Service could not sustain the needs of many Americans, who were longing for safe transport. It did not take long for American Express to grow both its reputation and reliability in such times of need.

The service quickly spread over the Atlantic to several major European cities. American Express also branched into the travel industry, even going as far as starting its own travel agency. At the beginning of the 20th Century, credit became a primary form of payment. However, merchants and business owners could not always trust just any line of credit.

American Express has been a reliable financial service company since the start of the commerce era. Throughout the most recent technological advancements, American Express utilizes the Internet to power its vast network of businesses and customers. Due to business ties in over 140 countries, AmEx can work with online gambling sites all over the world.

AmEx and the Online Gambling Industry

American Express pushes each year to partner with betting sites that fit a certain standard. The expectations also stick close to the law of the land. Being a major financial processing company, American Express is held to legal standards of each country in which they operate. That being said, the United States has one of the most stringent set of laws pertaining to online gambling.

Due to a 2006 Congressional decision, residents within the United States are far more limited in online gambling options than countries such as the United Kingdom. However, US residents in a handful of states offer some of the best online gambling action around the globe. The states including Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey have embodied a virtual casino experience to residents within state boundaries.

From popular table games like poker and blackjack to casino style slot games and puzzles, residents can enjoy a full casino experience in the comfort of their own home. Sites that hold a license to operate legally in the United States will notify you if your IP address is inside or outside state boundaries. In regards to payment methods, American Express is one of the few select payment processing companies that are trusted by casino conglomerates. Almost every major online casino or poker room authorized by US gambling regulations offer American Express as an available option to handle your financial transaction.

Here is a list of popular sites that accept American Express for valid payment and withdrawal.

American Express and Daily Fantasy Sports

American Express is one of the few payment processing platforms that are consistently available for daily fantasy sports sites in the United States. Sports enthusiasts can have peace of mind when depositing or withdrawing through American Express. As mentioned earlier, those wishing to use American Express accounts for sites like FanDuel or DraftKings can do so through the Paypal transfer option. In addition to the rather large variety of casinos or poker rooms to choose from, a majority of residents throughout the entire United States have access to daily fantasy sports betting. DFS act as an exciting skill-based alternative to traditional sports betting. Although participants do not bet on entire teams playing against one another, bettors wager on the expected performance of particular players using data and skill evaluations.

Daily fantasy sports betting is seen as legal betting because of the various impacting variables that participants use to predict outcomes through practice and strategy. The game is currently facing a massive audit to ensure its place as a game of skill. Although the legality of the game is in question, the game of skill continues to trend through the United States as one of the top options for online betting. Check to see if fantasy sports betting is legal in your area through our United States DFS map. American Express partners with several daily fantasy sports sites that are both located and licensed in the United States. Even major companies like FanDuel and DraftKings are available using American Express’ Paypal payment options. Here are some daily fantasy sports sites accessible through American Express.

Frequently Asked Questions with American Express

How Do I Withdraw my Online Betting Balance through American Express?

American Express allows you to either make or receive payments at any time through any merchants or businesses partnered with AmEx. Simply select your withdrawal option on any given betting site. Select the option under the American Express logo and type the chosen amount you wish to withdrawal. Withdrawals can usually take up to 48 hours to completely transfer to your AmEx account.

What if I do not have American Express as a Withdrawal Option?

Thanks to the fruitful partnership between American Express and Paypal, some sites that do not accept American Express still allow financial business through Paypal, and vice versa. This is the acceptable method through such sites as FanDuel and DraftKings.

Am I Safe Using an American Express Account for Online Betting Sites?

American Express utilizes the most reliable standard of bank card security within the industry. Each piece of important and discrete financial information is fully encrypted and secure from all eyes, including the betting site you are using.
Can I Use Another Person’s Account to make a Betting Site Deposit?

American Express greatly stresses that no one but the official cardholder is authorized to make an official deposit or withdrawal when using an AmEx account.

Does American Express Charge Me Anything to Deposit/Withdraw?

American Express accounts offered are either prepaid or through a debit/credit card. Depending on the card details, American Express charges annual fees. However, American Express does not charge transaction fees for both in-country or foreign charges.

Do I Need an American Express Account to Receive Money?

Yes, American Express requires that you, at least, sign up before establishing any funds within an account. Sign ups are easy and quick. Although American Express does charge annual fees for membership, the company does offer a free one-year membership to new signees.
Why Can’t U.S. players deposit at an International betting site using American Express?

American Express abides by US legal restrictions that do not allow any overseas transactions to go through in regards to online gambling.

Where Can I Use American Express?

American Express takes pride in expanding the system of commerce all over the world. With accessibility in over 140 countries combined with zero fees for foreign transactions, American Express embodies its slogan, “don’t leave home without it!”