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When playing on any betting site, you should feel secure with both your winnings and deposits. There are presently several ways to process payments online, although there are only a few platforms that will be accepted everywhere. The online gambling industry began in unison with the largest companies that were capable of processing payments safely over the Internet. Even the most major companies started small but are constantly under review to uphold many years of reputation as well as expectation.

At the top of the list of leaders in the payment processing business is the successful partnership that makes up MasterCard. MasterCard has years of history that layer its process of efficiency and consistent renovation. Although the beginnings of MasterCard arose with the aim of a much bigger picture, the online betting industry around the globe would not be what it is today without partners like MasterCard. Even with such high reputation through years of service, bettors everywhere should feel safe when choosing MasterCard.

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● MasterCard Then and Now
● MasterCard Impact on All Types of Online Betting
● Popular Questions with MasterCard and Betting Online

Born Out of Competition

MasterCard began in the mid-1960’s amidst the early forming of banking associations. At the time, banks operated separately and especially within specific borders. When companies such as Bank of America began unifying multiple banks under the same program, competition immediately took form. The BankAmericard began to make way overseas as well as be adopted by several new banks. As a result, the Interbank Card Association (ICA) was formed in 1966.

Comprised of banks aiming to compete with the group that would be later known by Visa, the ICA grew dramatically fast given the power of technology. Within three years of its start, the ICA took on the name Master Charge, which would eventually evolve into the world renowned brand, MasterCard. Globally, MasterCard has always held a strong influence.

In the 1980’s, MasterCard was officially the initial payment card to hit the market in the People’s Republic of China. In addition, MasterCard’s major partner in business within Europe opened as Europay. Due to the business relationship formed in the 1990’s between the two international payment companies, the duo was able to bring the first ever global debit program to life.

Throughout the 2000’s, MasterCard was successful in innovating new concepts and ideas to propel finance forward into the future. MasterCard Labs, created in 2010, now headquarters the company’s think tank of brilliant minds. With such a vast and powerful network, MasterCard also helps to fuel startups and grow small businesses to their real potential. The cost of reaching over 200 countries and changing global finance is without a doubt, priceless.

MasterCard Ignites Online Gambling Industry

As one of the largest payment processors in the world, MasterCard has always intertwined with the online gambling industry. From the beginning of the first online gambling sites to the daily fantasy sports sites spreading across the United States today, MasterCard has been redefining safe financial business to bettors everywhere.

The first betting sites in both the United States and Europe could only use top of the line security encrypted software through companies that also had the potential network to reach people all over the globe. Although most of the US no longer allows residents to gamble legally online, a few states still have licensed online casinos. All three, Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey’s online betting sites use MasterCard as one of their primary payment methods.

As for the rest of the United States, residents can legally bet on games of skill such as daily fantasy sports and puzzle games. You should never illegally gamble on an offshore site if you reside in the United States. Not only is playing on foreign sites illegal, but you could never pursue any lost earnings. Stay within your legal jurisdiction when deciding to gamble. International residents have the ability to utilize MasterCard for virtually any online casino. Some sites such as William Hill even allow members to get an exclusive prepaid MasterCard. A particular rule of thumb for online betting is that when you are choosing a site, it should be supported by MasterCard to ensure safety.

Frequently Asked Questions Involving MasterCard and Online Betting

How Do I Withdraw my Online Betting Balance through MasterCard?

MasterCard uses encryption security to transfer funds successfully from the 3rd party online betting site straight to your debit or credit account. Depending on the site, you should give up to 48 hours for a withdrawal to go through.

Am I Safe Using a MasterCard Account for Online Betting Sites?

MasterCard uses the highest standard of bank card security on the market. MasterCard encrypts all of your valuable and private information so that the online betting site, as well as anyone else looking, will never get access.
My Betting Site Does Not Show MasterCard as a Withdrawal Option?

If you are a US resident playing on an offshore betting site, MasterCard can deny a money transfer or halt a transaction before being completed. If there is not a MasterCard logo for acceptable payment methods, you will have to find a different site.

Can I Use Another Person’s Account to make a Betting Site Deposit?

Only the person with the name on the card may use the card. Families should each create a personal account to avoid problems with online betting sites. You can authorize other card users through MasterCard customer support.

Does MasterCard Charge Me Anything to Deposit/Withdraw?

MasterCard accounts can either be entirely prepaid or through a debit/credit program. If you already have an account powered by MasterCard deposits and withdrawals are free unless international. MasterCard charges a 1 percent fee for foreign charges.

Do I Need a MasterCard Account to Receive Money?

Yes, however, signing up is easy and free. If you do not have an already existing account, it is possible to receive a prepaid MasterCard.

Why can’t U.S. players deposit at a betting site using MasterCard?

Depending on which state you reside in, online gambling on games of chance is illegal. Check to see what is legal in which states here. (Hyperlink state page)

Where Can I Use MasterCard?

MasterCard is accepted in 210 different countries. Through MasterCard prepaid cards, the company has linked up with other payment processing companies and online betting sites all around the globe.