Online Roulette

Online Roulette is among the most popular online casino games in the US. In some states such as Pennsylvania and New Jersey, this game outranks the competition.

Still, finding specific roulette variations in an online casino can be a tough feat for anyone looking to play in the US. Yet, the most important thing to consider is any existing legal restrictions in your specific state.

This review will detail how gamblers can legally play this game online and some key factors to keep in mind.

Where Can You Play Roulette for Real Money?

A great rule of thumb when trying to locate real money online roulette in your state is to look for a state that allows online gambling. Despite the lack of federal legislation, each state has its own specific regulations that determine the legality of gambling sites.

Since legalized and regulated online gambling is still a newer concept, the states that currently allow players to play online roulette are as follows:

New Jersey
West Virginia

Is it Safe to Play Roulette Online?

Playing online roulette can be done safely and securely, but the trickiest aspect is locating legally registered sites. Moreover, a large aspect of playing online in the US is that you must be physically present in the authorized state. Due to an influx of gaming enthusiasts and new regulations, geolocation software is widely used by gaming operators.

Notably, there are many offshore casinos available as well, but we do not recommend trying your luck with them. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the offshore casinos, there is a long history of scams. Simply put, the federal and local government cannot legally hold these sites accountable for any wrongdoing.


As previously mentioned, the licensing of online casinos offering roulette heavily depends on the specific state in question. Each state’s gaming commission lays out rules that the online gambling platforms must follow. Additionally, the gaming authorities heavily monitor all sites to ensure integrity.

Furthermore, the state specific gaming enforcement authorities are as follows:

StateLicensing Authority
New JerseyNew Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement
PennsylvaniaPennsylvania Gaming Control Board
West VirginiaWest Virginia Lottery Commission
MichiganMichigan Gaming Control Board
*coming soon
Virginia Lottery Board

RNG Audit

By playing in states with legalized online gambling sites, Random Number Generator (RNG) audits are conducted monthly to ensure online roulette game integrity. The regulatory bodies in these states have procedures to test the games and determine that they are fair to play.

It is worth noting that the gambling commissions have in-house RNG audit mechanisms. For example, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board employs its auditors to do the RNG audits. On the other hand, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has an independent Technical Services Bureau tasked with this obligation.

Game Audits

In addition to the strict RNG audit, game audits are also independent and focus on a wider scope of the online roulette games. During game audits, the focus is to ensure that players get what they signed up for, such as bonuses and RTP rates. These audits also check the quality of the graphics of each roulette game.

Guaranteed Payouts

One of the major benefits of gambling at a licensed online roulette platform is the guaranteed payouts. For instance, according to gambling laws in NJ and PA, online roulette platforms are required to allow players a chance to withdraw their winnings. When compared to offshore sites, the guaranteed security of your funds is more than enough reason to exclusively play on legal sites.

Real Money Roulette VS Free Roulette

Many gambling platforms will give players the option of wagering real money or playing free roulette versions. The table below illustrates the advantages of each.

Real Money RouletteFree Roulette
Cash rewards
Invites to tournaments Offers the chance to practice
Use deposit bonusesPlayers can easily sample different games

Real Money Roulette

Wagering real money on online roulette is most beneficial for players looking to win cash rewards. In addition to cash winnings, players can get invites to special tournaments, and even rack up some VIP casino rewards.

However, the risk with playing roulette with real money is that players stand a chance of losing their investment when they fail to win.

Free Roulette

If you’re searching for something with a little less risk, free roulette is a great option. Instead of committing any real money, players can wager on demos, all while sharpening their skills. Unfortunately, casino bonus wagering requirements do not include free roulette simply due to the lack of real money.

Roulette Games Available Online

Also, there are several types of online roulette games you’ll encounter at legal online gaming platforms. Usually the differences in the games are small, but essential to learn. Online casinos are typically known to have all three variations.

American Roulette

This version of the online game features a table with red and black pockets number 1-35. Its most outstanding feature is it has two green pockets numbered ‘0' and '00'.

The house edge for American Roulette is 5.26%.

European Roulette

The European Roulette variant is like American Roulette but with one green pocket numbered ‘0'.

This single green pocket lowers the house edge to 2.7%.

French Roulette

This game is a spin-off of the European Roulette version. Its stark difference is in introducing insurance bets that allow the player to win back half their stake when the ball lands on ‘0'.

The house edge is 2.7%.

Live Dealer Roulette

Live dealer roulette is the latest innovation to this otherwise century-old game. With its help, players join a virtual game with a live dealer on the casino floor, all from the comfort of their own home. By accessing live dealer roulette, each player participates remotely through a video interface.

This version of online roulette has the following pros and cons.

Participate against human playersNot all online roulette casinos offer live dealer events
Human dealer availableThe pace of the game is relatively slower
Real-time support as the game continues
Multiple roulette tables to choose from

Live dealer roulette games are exciting for many gamers because they offer the chance to play against real players without physically visiting a casino. With a human dealer in place, there is also real-time support.

However, these games are not as fast-paced as their computerized counterparts, which can disadvantage some gaming schedules.

Professional Dealers

Each roulette platform takes the time to train and vet its live dealers according to industry standards. Through this training, the dealers can offer players professional service during play.

The platforms also ensure that the dealers are fluent in the language the players use to communicate.

No RNG, Real Roulette Table

Live dealer roulette sees the dealer spin the roulette table in all participants' presence through a video stream. The use of real tables instead of RNG helps improve the players' chances of winning real money rewards.

Interaction with Other Players

Human interaction is the most outstanding feature of live dealer roulette events. The games allow players to communicate with each other for the duration of the game.

Furthermore, players can type a message to the dealer, who will respond with a mic that they hear during the game. Players can also interact with each other through text.

Flexible Table Limits

Another benefit of live dealer roulette is that there is something for everyone. Online roulette platforms that also have a live dealer section will make several tables available. Each table will have a different limit to suit different types of players.

Roulette Bonuses and Promotions

Typically, online casino operators will offer a wide variety of enticing bonus offers. While there are a lot of factors that go into a welcome bonus, online roulette bonus offers are typically tailored to the player gaming account.

With that being said, there are a few bonuses to keep an eye out for.

Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is usually the most popular bonus you will encounter when signing up to play online roulette. This bonus is typically designed for new players and normally requires an initial minimum deposit. On average, the minimum deposit that most platforms require is $10, which could earn you a bonus of up to $1,000.

In short, online casinos in PA and NJ will match your initial deposit, and from there, you are required to meet wagering requirements to clear the promotion.

No Deposit Bonus

No Deposit Bonuses are unique roulette bonuses that do not require an initial deposit to receive the bonus amount. Depending on the online casino’s terms and conditions, the bonus amount is available for immediate use after account registration.

No deposit bonuses typically range from $10 to $50. After wagering at least 50x on the original bonus, the maximum amount players can win is $500.

Live Casino Bonus

This type of offer is exclusive for players that choose the live dealer version of roulette. Much like the previous bonuses, the live casino bonus varies from one operator to another. Most platforms, however, will allow players to redeem bonuses of up $100 when they wager $10 or more on live roulette events. These bonus amounts typically have a withdrawal limit of up $2000 on winnings.

Roulette Tournaments

There are several roulette tournaments in the US catered towards seasoned players and their competition. Roulette tournaments are by far the best way for players to put their strategy to work and win some awesome prize pools.

A handful of the key factors that players should know about roulette tournaments include:

  • You must pay a buy-in prior to participation
  • Prize pools vary from $250 to upwards of $100,000
  • There are table limits 
  • Sessions are usually timed; typically for 30 minutes
  • There are a number of exclusive tournaments and some open to the public

Final Thoughts

Indeed, playing online roulette in the US is for all types of players, from seasoned gamers to roulette newbies. Now that we’ve covered the basics of online roulette and the popular bonus offers, the next step is to learn the strategy and probability of each roulette type.

All in all, you may be able to excel at roulette with some beginner’s luck, but the key to a successful roulette experience is knowing the rules of the game.

Online Roulette FAQs

Is online roulette legal in the US?

Yes, online roulette is legal in the US. However, players need to ensure they are physically present in the state that legalized online gambling. Moreover, it is also important to play at legally registered online gaming providers.

Can I play online roulette on mobile?

Yes. Playing online roulette on mobile devices is possible. All roulette casinos in the US invest in developing a mobile-friendly website for players who would like to bet on their mobile devices. Some sites also have dedicated mobile apps that players can download and use.

Are offshore roulette casinos safe?

No. Offshore roulette casinos do not have legal licenses for operating in the US. This feature means that they could easily scam their players because no RNG or game audits are done. Players should avoid such platforms and only focus on legally registered US online roulette casinos.

Can I win real money with roulette bonuses?

Yes. Different roulette bonuses give players the chance to win real money when they stake their reward on roulette games. It is important for players who redeem these bonuses to familiarize themselves with wagering requirements and withdrawal limits. In most cases, roulette does not meet 100% of the wagering requirements.