Adult Ent. Giant Vivid Entertainment launches DFS Venture

Vivid Entertainment, one of the major porn sites to dominate the USA market has now decided to try their luck at Daily Fantasy Sports. Vivid entertainment will launch its very own Vivid Sports 4 Money site, powered by DraftDay- joint venture between, the entertainment rewards platform, Viggle Inc. and the UK based gambling and entertainment company, Sportech.

The Background

The agreement between Vivid Entertainment and DraftDay was signed when the company was still owned by MGT Sports, a subsidiary of MGT Capital Investments. The site has finally gone live a full year after the decision was made.

Partnerships between adult entertainment and gambling companies have often proved fruitful in the past; a majority of the audience for both industries can be found in an overlapping demographic, 80% of both porn and daily fantasy sports’ audience is comprised of males with the average age of 34. Vivid Entertainment plans to leverage its huge adult audience to promote the new fantasy sports site. The company has many marketing and advertising platforms including and its many other websites, as well as Vivid Radio, Vivid TV, their Google TV channel and many more.

Bill Asher, co-founder of Vivid Entertainment, stated that many of their marketing strategies that are used to attract people to their porn sites can also be used to attract gamers for their Daily Fantasy Sports site, Vivid Sports 4 Money, to grow their player base.

Vivid Entertainment LLC is owned by Bill Asher, Steven Hirsch and David James. The company was established in 1984 and generates an estimated $100m in annual revenue. The launch of its DFS offering marks the biggest white-label DFS launch to date.

No long term success

Still, even with similar demographics, the adult sites were never able to make gambling portals with some long term cash. Playboy dropped their poker room and to be honest, I am not really a big believer into the PornHub Casino experiment that we are seeing right now, especially using 100% of the grey market traffic.

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