Aristocrat and the Creek Nation with a big deal

Aristocrat Leisure Limited, the Australian gaming machine manufacturer, has just won a landmark contract with the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Gaming Operation. Aristocrat and their 2014 acquisition, Video Gaming Technology Incorporated (VGT), will be installing new Class II and Class III gaming machines across all the 12 gambling properties run by Creek Nation.

About the Muscogee Tribe

The Muscogee, often addressed as the Creek, are a Native American tribe who can be found primarily in the Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida area these days. The tribe operates eleven casinos with a twelfth one scheduled to open later this year in Tulsa.

The Deal

Creek National has agreed to revamp their entire portfolio of casinos; they have plans to replace all their existing gaming systems with brand new ones from Aristocrat. Aristocrat have announced that they will be installing units of the Oasis 360 system solution suite, a robust solution that uses the latest technology to drive customer loyalty, influence player behaviour, manage gaming operations and create incentives for customers to continue enjoying the same games outside of the four walls of the casinos.

On top of that Aristocrat promises to provide customers with a seamless gaming experience, with Aristocrat One card that will be usable across all the Creek Nation casinos.

A landmark deal

Pat Crofts, CEO of Muscogee (Creek) Nation Casinos, expressed his excitement about working with Aristocrat; they already have a history of working with VGT and believe the added expertise of the parent company will bring them a lot of success. Muscogee (Creek) Nation Casinos’ Chief Operating Officer (COO), Andy Langston, mentioned that they have had a vision of connecting customer experience throughout all their casinos and now believe that with the new one card solution that link can finally be set up.

VGT Sales Executive Vice President, James Starr, stated that Aristocrat and their subsidiary VGT are looking forward to settling up the Class II and Class III hardware, software and services in all of the Creek Nation Casinos. Class II machines are pre-programmed machines, usually found on Indian gaming reservations and are based around the game of bingo; programmed to pay out at certain times. Class III, on the other hand function with a random number generator (RNG), the machines continuously generated numbers in the background, even when not in use; in order to win, the player must make his move at the exact moment of a winning combination.

Kelly Shaw, the Vice President of North American Game and System Sales of Aristocrat said that the company had a wide range of products to offer the casinos on top of the Oasis 360, Aristocraft can provide the Musogee with Oasis HALo; their customer loyalty solution, Oasis OneLink; a management solution for progressive media and enterprise media, Mobile Concierge; which is a mobile application that keeps customers in touch with their favourite casinos and their gaming activity, Drinks on Tap; a feature that allows customers the ability to order drinks without having to leave the machine, Oasis Bonusing and other Professional Services to help the Creek Nation with designing, implementing and launching of the new units.

On top of that the casinos will receive nVision, VGT’s business intelligence solution and finally, nLive, which will provide access to the online play-for-fun gaming platform.

A deep partnership

Besides the installation Aristocrat / VGT will have to provide maintenance for the 6,000 units throughout the contact period of 5 years. Creek Nation is also expected to add VGT’s new entertainment games and their high definition video product later in the spring or summer. It looks like this partnership will change the face of how gaming works in this Oklahoma chain.


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