Is Daily Fantasy Sports Regulation Coming to Florida?

Legislation has been filed to regulate daily fantasy sports services in the state of Florida. The new legislation was filed by State Sen. Joe Negron and Rep. Matt Gaetz, with both hoping to put restrictions on how these websites operate in the state.

The proposed bill makes it clear that all game operators would be required to register with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Along with this, they would be required by the state to implement procedures to prevent certain people from participating.

Furthermore, and just as important, is this: the bill would require daily fantasy websites to provide age verification.

In a recent statement, Senator Negron added the following:

Currently, 3 million Floridians participate in fantasy sports contests, from traditional leagues with friends or coworkers, to the newer, daily fantasy sports contests. Negron said in a prepared statement. “I do not believe that these Floridians should be at risk of criminal prosecution for doing nothing more than participating in the fantasy sports contests they enjoy. However, due to a dated Attorney General opinion, there is a need to clarify in Florida law that fantasy sports are legal, as well as institute commonsense regulations that address consumers. I believe this legislation will do just that.”

This new legislation was prompted in some part by the “insider trading” allegations related to a DraftKings employee winning $350,000 on a competitor’s website.

Florida is not the first state to look into making changes, with Nevada’s Gaming Commission recently banning daily contests. Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts have also spoken out about making changes.

The daily fantasy sports industry is evolving, which is forcing the hand of many states. Florida is one of the first states to step up to the plate. It will be interesting to see if this legislation is approved, and if so, how the state will go about enforcing the bill.

What are your thoughts on the proposed bill out of Florida? Does it make good sense?

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