Daily Fantasy Sports Websites Surge in Mobile Usage!

When Fantasy Sports went digital the number of takers, too, easily multiplied overnight. The excitement and the heat also went up by many degrees when Fantasy Sports was reintroduced in the form of Daily Fantasy Sports. FanDuel and Draftkings have fueled this fire with just the right mix and this has resulted in tremendous growth and upsurge in the performance of the two trending websites. Not only did the two websites see an overwhelming increase in their revenue, but saw a surge in the number of users as well.

Increase in Mobile Usage

Media research company, Nielsen, closely followed the progress of the two Daily Fantasy Sports websites. They showed a huge growth in terms of mobile app usage and in the number of website users. Both FanDuel and Draftkings reported a remarkable growth rate of over 800% year after year, all through 2013 and 2014. The high growth rate resulted in concentrated marketing efforts which lead to both the products reaching never before heights. It was indeed a great feat that the two websites pulled off.

In the entire report that Neilson drafted, only a small portion dealt with the performance of daily fantasy sports destinations. Even that little bit of content was enough to highlight how the daily fantasy sports business has thrived in the last two years.

Let’s took a look at the noteworthy numbers that the industry has achieved –

  • The number of mobile users of the largest two largest Daily Fantasy Sports sites increased by 847%, from 319,000 to 3.022 million, from the year 2013 to 2014.
  • The number of Daily Fantasy Sports internet users significantly increased to over 400%, from 877,000 to 5.1 million, over the last two years.

Owing to the significant success that followed the DFS websites, both the sites took a plunge into the world of mobile apps and successfully launched their respective apps in 2015.

Apart from the two top players, Yahoo had also launched a fantasy sports app around the same time. Yahoo’s FS app too was seemingly popular and was number 5 on the list of the most used app for sports in 2014. While FanDuel and Draftkings are both proud of providing engaging content every single day, Yahoo only goes on to provide season long fantasy sports contests. The other top 4 Fantasy Sports apps are created by ESPN SportsCenter, MLB At Bat, Team Stream and NFLMobile. However, the report suggests that season long sports competitions are still not that popular among DFS fans.

There is also good reason to believe that the surge in the popularity of some major North American sports leagues, namely the NFL and the NBA, can also be attributed to increase in the popularity of fantasy sports. Online viewing of sports to shot up by 10% in 2014, while viewership of sports increased by 6% on mobile devices.

Clearly, the road ahead for DFS sites, especially for FanDuel and Draftkings, looks more promising than ever!

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