Delaware Racks up the Second Best Month in iGaming Revenues

The smallest of the three regulated states – Delaware, amassed a total earning of $229.789 from Delaware Park, Dover Downs and Harrington Raceway. February 2016 saw the second best collective income recorded for iGaming in the history of the state, coming in just after April 2014, when the state enjoyed a total of $240,762 from the three in-state gaming venues.

February 2016 saw a 20% month-over-month increase in revenue from $190.829 in January 2016; they also enjoyed a colossal year-over-year increase of 60% from total revenues of $143,101 of February 2015.

Table Games

Online casino table games also brought in big proceeds last month, a profit of $97,899 was reported; revenues of this magnitude have not been recorded for table games since December 2014, when net profits reaches $99,823. Month-over-month growth in this sector was a whopping 275% compared to January 2016, when they only managed to accrue $26,089.

Blackjack, roulette and other online table games of this variety passed the coveted $5 million mark in wagered amount in February 2016; Delaware players betted $5,666,784 and managed to win back $5,568,885 of that amount; the last time this $5 million amount was reached was in the month of May 2015, when a total of $5,610,095 was placed on online table games in Delaware.

Video Lottery

Figures from the video lottery terminals were not as encouraging, for the first time in three months, revenues took a downwards dip; net gain in the month of February was $103,596, a 25% drop from the total of $138,391 collected in January 2016. The decrease did not seem to line up with the increase in amount wagered, which was a record breaking $2,102,868.

According to the Delaware Lottery, video lottery terminals are required to return between 87% and 95% of all wagers each year; this policy may have influenced the unbalanced figures. The state of Delaware has three racinos that together own and operate more than 6,300 video lottery machines.

Online Poker

Rake and fees from Delaware’s virtual poker tables in February were reported at $28,294; a 7.4% increase over the previous month. However, year-over-year totals were less reassuring; an 18% decrease was recorded from $34,526 collected in the month of February one year ago.

Delaware online poker shares a player pool with in Nevada. According to, the inter-state partnership averages about 160 ring game players, which is either equal to or more than the total players the frequent a horde of other online poker rooms and networks such as Equity or Horizon, even though these networks accept players from all over the world.

Poker Bonuses

Almost all Poker sites in Delaware reward new players when they make their first deposit with instant cash bonuses. The issuance and amount of the bonus is dependent on the exact amount deposited by the player – these can reach up to $30 at Delaware Park, $25 at Dover Downs and $20 at Harrington Raceway.

There are no rules preventing the same player from taking advantage of these promotions at each of the three sites simultaneously – they can deposit the minimum amount on one site, clock the bonus extras and then move onto the next. This has been good for the online poker industry at Delaware, as 378 new players registered at Delaware gaming sites in February 2016.

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