Las Vegas Sands Partners with Madison Square Garden Entertainment

In an effort to allure a more diverse brand of patrons to the Entertainment Capital of the World, casino companies have been investing their money and efforts into a building boom that has been sweeping across Las Vegas. Just like the spark of genius by The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, that initially introduced convention centres across the city and transformed Vegas from being just a gambling hub, the new efforts are looking to bring music, sports and more family orientated entertainment to the city to entice crowd that no longer considers feeding coins into a slot machine as high entertainment.

Sands Partners With MSG to Build a Brand New Concert Hall in Vegas

The casino operator, Las Vegas Sands Corp. has decided to partner up with Madison Square Garden Co. to build a privately financed, 17,500 seat concert venue in Las Vegas.

Sand and MSG have announces that the venue will be the largest of its kind in the world, which will be purpose built, primarily for musical shows and concerts. The seating is to be arranged in the shape of a horseshoe, so that everyone in the audience can be in direct view of the massive stage; the hall would also feature luxury seating and dining options, clubs and lounges. Given the unique design of the venue, boxing and mixed martial arts matches could be held at the location; however, it will not be possible to use the venues for team sporting events such as basketball and hockey.

When the concert hall is built, state of the art technology will be used throughout the venue to provide a superior acoustic experience; the clubs and lounges within the venue will also be expected to carry the same VIP theme throughout.

Once the necessary permits have been issued, the 4,000 square foot music arena will be constructed on an open-air storage lot, which is located at Sands Avenue, between Koval Lane and Manhattan Street. Officials expect the permits to be ready in the next three to four months and construction to begin immediately following that; they also speculate once building work has begun, the project will take between 18 to 24 months to reach completion and be ready to be opened to the public.

The partners, however, have declined to provide an estimate for building costs for the project or how the expenses will be split and shared between the parties. It has, however, been disclosed that both the companies are waiting for the design process of the building to be completed; once a choice of design is finalised, the financial details will be drawn out, divided and announced to the public.

The partners, Sands and The Madison Square Garden Co. also said, last Wednesday, that they would be collaborating with the likes of artist management, music publishing and entertainment content production company, Azoff MSG Entertainment LLC, which was founded in 2013 as a joint venture between Azoff Music Management, LLC and The Madison Square Garden Company, Live Nation Entertainment Inc., another entertainment company, which owns, leases, operates, and has booking rights for a large number of entertainment venues based in the USA; the company was founded in 2010 as a result of a merger between events promoter, Live Nation, and ticket sales and distribution company, Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc. and Oak View Group, the sports and live entertainment management company.

Representative from Sand and MSG have said that the concert hall will be “a first of its kind, large scale venue that will redefine the live music and entertainment experience.”

Sands Partners With Majestic Reality to Build a Brand New Sports Stadium in Vegas

Sand’s is currently in the middle of a building frenzy; in an attempt to compete with the 20,000 seat T-Mobile Arena by MGM Resorts International and hoping to lure the Oakland Raiders football team to relocate to Las Vegas, not only are they looking at the music hall at Sands Avenue but also trying to gain approval to build a $1.4 billion domed sports and concert stadium in Las Vegas.

For the stadium project, Sands has partnered with Majestic Realty Co.; while the project has already been presented to The Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee last month, the casino operators are still waiting for and approval and financial options. Sands and Majestic Reality are looking to secure $750 million in public financing; however, that might cause further delays to the project as any public financing would require legislative approval.

Mark Davis, the owner of the Oakland Raiders has already announced to the committee that he is prepared to move his NFL team to Las Vegas if the stadium is built.

Future of Las Vegas

Wynn Resorts is also in the process of finalising details on a water park that is to be built of a site of an existing golf course. The 38 acre manmade lake will provide both daytime and night time entertainment in the form of water sports and fireworks respectively. However, consercationalist are worried that a large lake in the middle of the desert will present a tremendous amount of stress on the water resources in the area and have a massive negative environmental impact.

Despite the concerns, many believe that this kind of reinvention is required to keep Las Vegas novel and interesting; if entertainment options are not expanded in the city, it would start to stagnate; a choice of concerts, sports and other activities, will keep the City of Lights vibrant and help it grow and appeal to a wider range of local and international visitors.


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