Michigan Lottery expands online gaming scope by adding new draw games

The Michigan Lottery continues to expand its online gaming services with the introduction of several new interactive draw games.

A modern offer

The Michigan Lottery in collaboration with NeoPollard Interactive, the joint venture between Pollard Banknotes, a historic company that began printing for Lotteries in USA and Canada in the 1980s, and NeoGames, a forerunner for iLottery software and service providers, has launched a number of new draw games that are optimized for all digital platforms. Online lottery players have the choice to buy Lotto 47, Fantasy 5, Mega Millions and Powerball tickets using any desktop, tablet, or smartphone devices with an active internet connection.

Mobile is the driver

Mobile purchases already account for 50% of the of the Michigan Lottery’s iLottery revenues. Given that most online activities are now performed on mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets, the Michigan Lottery influenced NeoPollard’s mobile-first approach; and together with their enhanced iLottery 360° solution, they can now offer players a cross-platform digital gaming experience.

Digital is showing the way

Doug Pollard, co-CEO of NeoPollard Interactive expressed his excitement about the addition of these interactive draw games options for players of the Michigan Lottery. He also mentioned that the Michigan Lottery has seen record success with their online gaming services and he is confident that all other North American lotteries looking to expand into digital gaming space can take inspiration from them.

NeoPollard Interactive has seen much success with instant and Keno games and hope to draw the same level of success from the draw games which would ultimately allow them to provide greater funds to support public education in Michigan. The other co-CEO of NeoPollard, Ilan Rosen, also mentioned that the addition of these draw games to the Michigan Lottery will allow NeoPollard Interactive an excellent opportunity to showcase their mobile platform to the rest of the country.

A profitable partnership

The Michigan Lottery first partnered up with NeoPollard Interactive in 2014 and last year alone the online gaming services generated USD 147 million in revenue. With the addition of these new draw games, the user friendly mobile interphase and the convenience of ticket purchase from any mobile device; both the Michigan Lottery and NeoPollard Interactive can only expect a further gain of popularity amongst their players and a greater sum of profit in the future.

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