Slot machines now with skill factor

Recently there was a huge change to come to the slot machine industry, as Gov Brian Sandoval signed the Nevada gaming industry backed bill which means that slot machines will now have an added skill factor. This suggests that where they were once simple slot machines new ones with skill-based, arcade-style elements. The gaming industry and the casinos are paving the way for new machines to attract and appeal to the tastes of the new generations.

The slot machine and gambling industry has to keep advancing in order to keep the business thriving. It is clear that Nevada is trying to sustain its competitive edge in a very competitive industry. The idea of the bill is to adapt the slot machines by adding another skill level or features that will attract younger gamblers and keep them coming back for more. No longer will the slot machines output simply be based on pure chance and timing. However, of course it has to be just as rewarding as it is entertaining.

Higher Payback

This is where the payback comes in. According to AGEM the figure for payback with the new skill factors could jump to 98% that is compared to the standard slot machine’s payback of 88%. It is clear to see that the added bonus of skills and features would be a big success not only for the state but also for the gamblers. With the higher payback the gamblers are much more likely to keep returning to their favourite machines and in turn their favourite casinos.

It’s believed, and has been stated that, the new technology could increase the amount of people actually choosing to play slot machines within the establishments. Also those that traditional would play arcade games or take part in other traditional gaming experiences could become greatly attracted to the new levels; with the possibility of having an interactive bonus round such as racing opponents for a great payout it is clear to see the attraction. Rather than just accepting what the slot machines can give them, the pure chance of succeeding and gaining a payout the players would have greater control over the game and its outcomes.

This piece of legislation could be seen as the first step in revolutionising the gambling industry and even providing possible future opportunities. It is clear that Nevada is leading the way and remains the worldwide epicenter for gaming and gambling innovation and development, constantly striving for better machines and experiences for everyone.

It is hoped that other gambling states across the US, of which there are currently 39, would follow suit and bring these new slot machines to their states. Of course new rules are already in place to support the new machines, so everyone can have fun with the new entertainment without fear.

What do you think? Should other states bring these innovative gaming machines into their gambling establishments? With all the sparkling lights and history that surrounds Nevada it is only natural that the gambling capital of the world leads the way in the new revolution.

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