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This year at the World Series of Poker, estimates show that the main event will be bringing in another record setting amount of contestants. The number will be increasing to over 105,000 entrants, which raises the bar just slightly higher than last year at 103,512. The world-renowned tournament will span from May 31st through July 18th, 2016. Moreover, there will also be thousands flocking to the event to view the high stakes competitions take place. A majority of those viewers will be wanting to catch the finalists facing off in the last stage of the championships July 9th through 18th.

While the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino will be hosting the event inside its massive convention center, an array of Caesar Hotels and Casinos will be spreading the attendees throughout Las Vegas. This article has all the latest info for the 2016 World Series of Poker and everything you need to know about choosing the best hotels for the event.

A Little on WSOP History

The World Series of Poker has been running as a tournament-style competition for 47 years now. Being both the largest and longest lasting tournament in the gambling industry, the World Series of Poker serves as an iconic competition for the best poker players all around the world all competing for a world famous gold bracelet. Last year’s series brought in poker players from 111 different countries. The tournament also has the heftiest of prize pools, coming in at $210 million from the 67 total events in 2015 World Series of Poker.

The span of the series will appear both on TV and online. Although poker may be seen as a game of chance, it is no coincidence that the same poker players win so consistently. A majority of finalists in such competitions have been there before and have mastered the craft behind professional poker.

The art of deceiving your opponents lies at the center of the competitive game. These players are not only able to convince others to give up early in a hand, but they can also read human expressions better than a psychologist. Each and every player has a tell, or a sign of enthusiasm when gambling. The secret is to avoid giving yourself up with expression while figuring everyone else out at the table. The reason for the World Series of Poker’s longevity lies with the skill based aspects of the game in combination with the unpredictability of chance. After all, the championships in WSOP still always end with the exhilarating excitement of the last flip of the card.

World Series of Poker Events

Depending on whom you are going to play or watch, The doors open on Tuesday, May 31st to view the ultimate setup for the biggest portion of WSOP, Colossus II. the World Series of Poker has events for everyone. The start of the tournament will begin with an “employees only” 2-day event at a $565 buy in for no-limit Hold’em. The most of World Series of Poker’s contestants will begin to climb the ladder in the Millionaire Maker: Colossus II tournament that begins on Thursday, June 2nd. The event will be a $565 buy-in for no-limit Hold’em Poker. There will be three Colossus II flights, or tournament brackets, that will each start on June 2nd, 3rd, and 4th respectively. If you fail to move forward, the 2nd and 3rd flights allow you to re-enter.

The three flights spread out the bulk of the contestants while also giving players multiple chances to add to the total prize pool. Among the other notable events that take place over the 50-day span is the Senior, age 50 plus tournament, with a $1000 buy in that starts June 17th. There will be a Ladies Championship and Monster Stack tournament as well.

The World Series of Poker Director, Ty Stewart expressed excitement for the upcoming series of events. “We hope some of your New Year Resolution’s will include capturing a WSOP gold bracelet in the coming year. We expect another well-rounded schedule offering something for everyone and another record-breaking opening with Colossus II on tap to make a millionaire right out of the gate.”

Helpful Hotel Info

With so many events to choose from, poker enthusiasts from beginner level to high rollers can come and play in the games from as low $75 buy-ins to those that are thousands of dollars. Caesars Entertainment Company, the parent company of the World Series of Poker, will be taking World Series of Poker hotel reservations even before event sign-ups start in March.

Hotels and casinos will be far more expensive in cost further into spring than now, so it is smart to start figuring out which events you would like to catch or play in. Currently, if you book a room at any of Caesar Entertainment’s hotels before February 18, you will receive up to 25 percent off of your booking cost. Prices will vary throughout the 50-day event, with weekdays costing far less than weekends. For example, choosing from one of 10 Caesar’s hotels, a weekday cost for a one night stay will cost in a range of $65 to $200 with the 25 percent discount. However, for a weekend night, the same spectrum of hotels will vary anywhere from $165 to $350. Additionally, the month of July will be up to 50 percent more expensive for rooms in Las Vegas. Let’s check out some of the hotels to choose from when attending the 2016 World Series of Poker.

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace is one of the nicest hotels when it comes to Caesar Entertainment Inc. This luxurious hotel has six different towers for rooms, casino, nightclubs, shops, spas, and dining. The Roman style theme brings an elegant touch to the decorations throughout the hotel, giving off the aesthetic of the ancient royal lifestyle lived by the Caesars themselves. Check out the Forum shops for all of the latest fashion and gifts on the Strip! Enjoy the several shows offered by the hotel, and get discounts on any performance when staying at Caesars Palace.

Price Range Throughout WSOP: $99-$329
Distance from WSOP Event: 1.5 miles

The Cromwell


The Cromwell is a somewhat newer hotel, being only six minutes away on foot from the Caesars Palace. Located in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip, the Cromwell is known for its modern yet classy taste in decoration as well as its Parisian style rooms. The hotel also has a very popular Italian restaurant and rooftop nightclub that attracts all ages for an excellent wine and dine experience.
Price Range Throughout WSOP: $179-$379
Distance from WSOP Event: 1.6 miles


Nobu is centrally located inside the Caesar Palace Resort, offering a higher end hotel for expensive taste and lifestyle. A keystone piece attributing to Nobu’s success is its fine Japanese cuisine restaurant featuring world renowned chef, Nobu Matsuhisa. Guests of Nobu have full availability to the features and facilities of Caesars Palace. Choose from spacious suites or rooms with Japanese style decor, all equipped with smart TVs and full bathrooms. Nobu Hotel is the cream of the crop when it comes to Caesar Entertainment Hotels.

Price Range Throughout WSOP: $150-$450
Distance from WSOP Event: 1.5 miles

The Flamingo

The Flamingo hotel holds significant Las Vegas history through its many vibrant signs lit by neon lights and its longevity for being the oldest active hotel and casino remaining on the Strip. Though it lacks a modern style, guests still enjoy the classic Las Vegas vintage feel that surges throughout its casino, restaurants, and lounges. The Flamingo is also located just directly across the street from Caesars Palace, but at a fairly cheaper price for bookings. Be sure to pay the flamingos a visit by checking out the hotel’s wildlife habitat.

Price Range Throughout WSOP: $55-$279
Distance from WSOP Event: 1.4 miles, Bus Available

Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood is modern resort intertwined with the history of Hollywood and all of its stars. The decoration of both the casinos, rooms, and restaurants depict famous memorabilia from the movie industry. Guests who are a fan of American Cinema will be fully satisfied with the Planet Hollywood experience. Check out the resort’s own shopping mall as well as a variety of bars, restaurants, and clubs.
Price Range Throughout WSOP:$96-$350
Distance from WSOP Event: 1.8 miles, Bus Available

The Rio Resort and Casino

The Rio Resort and Casino is the main hub for the World Series of Poker. Many players in the event will be booking rooms at the Rio due to its massive convention center, where each WSOP event is held. The Rio offers a Brazilian culture theme throughout the resort and is known for its multiple beach-style pools, all with DJs to keep the party going. This casino's rooftop nightclub also proves to be a blast for guests and celebrities looking to stay up late. Fine dining and bars are available, and the casino and convention center will feature over 500 poker tables for WSOP guests.

Price Range Throughout WSOP: $79-$350
Distance from WSOP Event: YOU’RE HERE!

Harrah's Las Vegas

Harrah’s Las Vegas is a Mardi Gras themed resort that is also just across the Strip from Caesars Palace. Guests can choose to walk or take the Las Vegas Monorail in order to travel the Strip. Choose from a variety of entertainment including a Piano Bar, Comedy shows, and a nightclub that features some of the top artists in the music industry.

Price Range Throughout WSOP: $49-$250
Distance from WSOP Event: 1.7 miles, Bus Available

The Paris Hotel and Casino

With an Eiffel Tower piercing the sky in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip, the Paris Hotel and Casino is not hard to miss. A French themed decor along with classical music give off the feeling of touring the street of a small European town. The casino has several French restaurants and bars to pick from as well a live entertainment stage that hosts round the clock performances.

Price Range Throughout WSOP: $129-$275
Distance from WSOP Event: 1.6 miles, Bus Available


Renowned for its long history in the gambling industry, Bally’s offers a classic casino theme with all of the Vegas amenities. Tennis courts, spas, wet and dry bars, nightclubs, and, of course, a heated cabana pool club that hosts varying DJs all makes this resort the go-to spot. Bally’s offers all of the perks found in Las Vegas, with reasonable pricing.
Price Range Throughout WSOP: $75-$250
Distance from WSOP Event: 2.1 miles, Bus Available

The Linq

The freshest resort and casino on the Strip, the Linq exhibits a modern theme that still pushes the present boundaries of culture with futuristic designs and aesthetics throughout the hotel. Due to its fairly new assimilation into the Strip’s array of resorts, the Linq is top of the line quality with lower prices for reputation building. Check out the Linq’s nightclub and entertainment venues that are getting nothing short of excellent consumer reviews.

Price Range Throughout WSOP: $65-$250
Distance from WSOP Event: 1.8 miles, Bus Available


The World Series of Poker will be at its best in 2016. With so many events to choose from over the 50-day series, the sooner the planning, the better. Hotel deals are up and down but do show a correlation of expense over time. Once you have figured which events you would want to see or participate in, check out which of the ten featured hotels by Caesars Entertainment works best for you. Depending on price, resort theme, attractions, and distance to the World Series of Poker; there are many great hotels to mold perfectly to the guest wants and needs. Remember your limits. Enjoy the experience and good luck!

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