Scientific Games Celebrated Record Sales by Florida Lottery

The American software supplier, Scientific Games Corp., extended their congratulations to the Florida Lottery for a record breaking week of retail sales. Florida Lottery, which is one of Scientific Games’ largest instant game customers, had an incredible week of instant game sales. The sales earned the state lottery more than USD 19.44 million.

Scientific Games produces lottery material for many big lotteries in the USA. They are also responsible for producing the instant game products for the Florida Lottery. The lottery reported total sales for the week that ended on the 5th of March 2017, at USD 105.2 million. More than 99 per cent of the state’s Lottery total retail sales for the week came from the products that were created by Scientific Games.

The two companies have been in partnership since 1997. Scientific Games had partnered with the Florida Lottery through the Company's Cooperative Services Program. The program provides instant game design, programming, manufacturing, inside sales, marketing, warehousing, distribution and retail services.

The Florida Lottery has more than 13,000 retailers throughout the state. Scientific Games has a CSP facility in Orlando that helps them serve the Lottery and their many retailers across the entire breadth of the area.

Florida Lottery has been going from strength to strength for many years. The reports on the financial figures from the fiscal year of 2015- 2016 marked the lottery's fifth consecutive year of record sales. It also marked the 15th consecutive year, where annual transfers to the state exceeded the coveted USD 1 billion mark. The Lottery's instant game sales have also grown exponentially. In the last five years, the product saw an increase in sales numbers of more than 77.6 per cent.

Tom Delacenserie, the Secretary of the Florida Lottery, said that the residents of Florida really enjoyed the state lottery.

He said, “The popularity of our instant games with Floridians is just phenomenal.”

He also added that because of their collaboration with Scientific Games, they have reached another year of record breaking sales. As a result they will be able to contribute more money to the state’s Educational Enhancement Trust Fund.

He said, “We are tracking for another year of unprecedented sales and transfers to the state's Educational Enhancement Trust Fund because of the collaboration between our teams and Scientific Games' teams in managing our instant game portfolio.”

Florida Lottery together with Scientific Games has launched many products in the state in the past. However most recently, the two companies came up with a new USD 25 game – The USD 10,000,000 World Class Cash. This brand new product was launched during the record- breaking week. It also represented a significant proportion of the sales. Out of total sales revenues for that week, 16.5 per cent came from the same of The USD 10,000,000 World Class Cash sales.

A total of 25 different instant games that have been created by Scientific Games over the years has also seen solid sales figures during the week. Each of the 25 products generated more than USD 1 million in retail sales during the record- breaking week. Also during this week, the company's Gold Rush family of instant games that are priced at USD 1.00, USD 2.00, USD 5.00, USD 10.00 and USD 20.00 price points, represented 33.4 per cent of total retail sales.

John Schulz, the Senior Vice President of Instant Products for Scientific Games, congratulated the Florida Lottery for their record- breaking week. He also said that the marketing approach for these products was one of the main reasons for the large volume of sales.

He said, “Tom Delacenserie has applied his strong consumer products background to Scientific Games' global best practices when it comes to managing the Florida Lottery's instant games. He truly understands how the Lottery's instant games should be marketed through a total category management approach, beginning with game launch through the player's retail experience. We congratulate the Florida Lottery on yet another record-breaking week of returns to education in Florida.”

Scientific Games Corporation

Scientific Games Corp. is an American gambling provider that trades with all the top organisations across the globe. The company is headquartered in Enterprise, Nevada. They provide products such as instant lottery games, lottery gaming systems, terminals and services, internet applications, server- based interactive gambling terminals, and gambling control systems.

Scientific Games introduced the first secure, instant lottery ticket in 1974. Today they provide lottery retailers with secure point of sale systems that securely print tickets for major national lotteries, such as the Mega Millions and Powerball.

Over the last ten years, Scientific Games has introduced rewards for customer loyalty. These have been added through Scientific Gaming websites. Players are able to use these sites to earn points and prizes on non- winning tickets that are bought at retail.


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