Sportech’s Bump 50:50 Declared Partnership with Dallas Sports Teams to Run Charitable In-Game Raffles

Bump 50:50, a subsidiary of Sportech PLC, has declared their partnership with the charitable foundations of the Texan sports teams, the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars, to operate in-game raffles to raise money for their causes.

Sportech is a London based sports entertainment company, licensed to operate in half of the states in USA and 30 countries around the world, processes over $13 billion annually in bets. Their venture, Bump 50:50 collaborates with professional sports teams and arrange raffled where their customers place bets on questions with 50-50 choices.

Bump 50:50 will provide the NHL team, the Stars and the NBA team, the Mavericks with the technology to carry out in-game raffles. They will supply the point-of-sale hardware, software, real time processing systems, as well as monitoring, support and other related services. The company is expected to support the design and coordination of promotional efforts for these lotteries. The company also promises to provide training for the sales and analytical staff.

Charitable gaming has been allowed in the state of Texas for a while now, however, The Texas Sports Team Charitable Foundation Raffles Amendment, Proposition 4 which was approved on November 3rd, 2015 has redefined the structures of such bets. Under the new legislation, only professional sports teams and associated charities will be allowed to operate raffles, only during home games and the winners may only receive a maximum of 50% of the raffles revenues, 40% or more has to be awarded to the charities and 10% of the funds can be used for operating expenses. The Dallas Mavericks’ and Stars’ Foundations become the first of Sportech’s Bump 50:50 customers in Texas, since the change in gambling legislation.

Floyd Jahner, president of the Dallas Mavericks Foundation and COO for the Mavericks, stated that this new venture will be a big opportunity to offer the fans an easy and enjoyable way to contribute towards the foundations’ cause of supporting women and children in need in the Dallas Fort Worth area. He strongly believes that the Bump 50:50 raffles will be a great means to raise both money and awareness for their causes.

President of the Dallas Stars Foundation, Jason Farris, also mimicked the same sentiments; he is excited about the raffles and believes they will have a positive impact on the wellbeing of the local communities. He further added that this initiative could provide a gateway to newer ventures that will allow the foundation to offer more support to the children across North Texas.

Dan Tanenbaum , President of Bump 50:50 is thrilled by the prospects of these new partnerships. He stated that he is glad to be a part of the endeavour that will bring the fans closer to the teams and their charitable enterprises.

The raffles will be held at every home game of the Mavericks and Stars; at the American Airlines Centre, located at the heart of Dallas. The AA Centre boasts a 1080 high definition replay system, two large video boards and a HD centre scoreboard and surround sound audio capabilities. Bump 50:50 plans on using all of this technology along with mobile devices and kiosk locations to promote and display real-time jackpot updates during the matches.


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