Video Game arenas to compete for customers on the Vegas Strip

The famous Las Vegas strip may soon see their first video gaming arena amongst their casinos, hotels and resorts, if development plans from Ourgame International Holdings Limited manifests into reality.

Who is Ourgame?

Beijing based company, Ourgame International Holdings Limited, often referred to as simply Ourgame or the Company, is a leading online card and board game developer, who currently offer a choice of 200 online games to their customers.

Ourgame aims to develop a plethora of video game arenas around the world and believes that Las Vegas would be the perfect location to begin their expansion aspirations. The Company already operates a 14,000 square foot gaming arena in Beijing, with a 200- seat capacity, hundreds of gaming stations and a broadcast station. Frank Ng, CEO of Ourgame, has stated that they have already stared collaboration with various other Chinese companies and would like to build 12 more facilities in the next five years.

E-Sports is exploding!

Electronic gaming is already massively popular in the USA. Tournaments for games such as Dota 2 have seen fans from around the world swarm host cities; Ourgame, howvere would like to avail a space for smaller, more frequent events with their Las Vegas venture

Adam Pliska, president of World Poker Tour, stated that Ourgame has the power to give e-sports the same global publicity that World Poker Tournament series brought about for poker. However, given the vast global influence of the company, they would be able to establish an international presence in a fraction of the time.

Not ready yet

The plans for the Vegas arena are still in its preliminary stages and it is unclear when the facility can be up and running; however, Ng mentioned that he would like to see the venue completed in a year. A few local casinos have already expressed interest in e-sports and have suggested having the arena located within a resort, which would prevent the hassle of having to build a new property, saving both time and money.

While this would be the first permanent e-gaming fixture in Vegas, the city already holds The Evolution Championship Series or Evo, the annual esports event that focuses exclusively on fighting games and the Grand Hotel Casino created an e-sports lounge for the L.A. Renegades last year.

Competitors already active

Ourgame faces competition from similar ventures elsewhere in the country; a 15,000 square foot facility, eSports Arena ,with a capacity of 1,000 people, 120 PCs, 64 Xboxes and 32 PlayStation 4’s has recently opened up in Orange County, California. Paul Ward, CEO of eSports Arena has mentioned plans for national scale expansions. He believes it is important to develop regional affinity for e-sports that can potentially bring about the same enthusiasm that accompanies traditional sports. He also added that cultivating the idea of local e-sports teams and fans could direct the future of sports in general.

E-sports venues could provide an engaging experience for thousands of fans, much like that of traditional sports. Video games also have the potential to display the same level of draw and mature into commercial and professional success of tremendous magnitudes. The e-sports industry is estimated to be worth $523 million and growing, excluding revenue from game sales and attract around 200 million viewers globally; it is safe to say this will be the future of gaming. In the last couple of months, there is also a lot of movement outside the North American market. European bookmakers are more and more active in offering lines for e-Sports tournaments.

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