Legal Online Gambling In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s past gaming laws have been quite strict, but the Keystone State does not seem destined to continue limiting online gambling options. For now, the state outlaws poker and other casino-style Pennsylvania gambling, both land-based and online. However, legislation is in a potential process of expanding online gaming options through House Bill 1235 and State Senate Bill 1386. In the meantime, the state of Pennsylvania allows its resident several online gambling options. Although it may be some time before the recently submitted legislature to authorize further online gambling types is passed, the state is on the right track to creating a legalized online gambling industry.


What Type of Gambling is Legal in Pennsylvania?

Although Pennsylvania has outlawed most land-based gambling within the state, residents can comfortably gamble on horse and greyhound racing online or through one of the six live racetracks within the state. Pennsylvanians also have the popular gambling option of online fantasy sports betting. Both options prove to be safe and remain within the confines of the law. All legal gambling sites and establishments in Pennsylvania hold proper licensing and take regulatory action for payment processing and fair play.

Legal Gambling forms in Pennsylvania are:

Online Horse and Greyhound Racing

Pennsylvania currently has six horse and greyhound racing tracks established throughout the state. Each gambling enterprise is controlled and regulated by the Pennsylvania Racing Commission. Moreover, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture oversees that each establishment coordinates with state and federal gaming laws. Pennsylvanians can also make wagers online through simple and efficient betting platforms. The operators who service all United States citizens are appropriately licensed and managed on US soil. Members can make real money wagers on any of their favorite horse and greyhound racetracks anytime, anywhere.

Legal horse and greyhound betting sites:



TVG leads the nation with its easy to use website and thriving television network station that services some 33 million American homes. TVG provides safe wagers for its customers, guaranteeing all winning with a reliable payment processing system. TVG is also one of the largest sponsors of the horse and greyhound racing industry. Sign up today for a new member bonus.  Read the TVG Review to learn more!

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TwinSpire is another respectable horse and greyhound racing site that offers several key tips and insight for every new horse and greyhound bettor. The site’s simple and effective platform can be used at home or on the go with the new TwinSpires mobile application. Don’t forget to check out all of the new up to date handicap information on the upcoming races.

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Bet America


BetAmerica is one of largest platforms for online horse and greyhound race betting across the nation. BetAmerica’s interactive website grants access to numerous horse and greyhound races around the clock. Members can watch any race they wish to bet on with any device. Best of all, BetAmerica is now matching new deposits with its sign up bonus feature. Check out the BetAmerica Review to learn more!

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Online Fantasy Sports Betting

Online fantasy sports betting is one of the nation's favorite gambling methods, with 57 million people partaking in fantasy leagues. This alternative to traditional sports betting was deemed a game of skill on a federal level by the United States Congress in 2006. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) exempted online fantasy sports betting due to its use of knowledge instead of luck. Unlike traditional sports betting, where a bettor picks a favorite team and hopes for the best, fantasy sports betting takes into consideration a wider variety of factors. Players that put together drafted team have to review various stats, weather patterns, coaching strategies, and so forth before gambling with real money.

Fantasy sports betting websites:


DraftKings is a 100 percent legal daily fantasy sports website based in Boston. Although it may take some time getting used to, DraftKings’ daily version of fantasy sports is easier to play than season-long bets once you get used to it. This is because you do not have to find a long-term season strategy that is high stakes. Learn more by reading the DraftKings Review!

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FanDuel acts as the leading platform for online fantasy sports betting according to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. Its recent major financial backing of close to $300 million dollars pushes FanDuel to the top spot for daily and weekly fantasy leagues that give users an exhilarating and fast-paced experience for fantasy sports betting. FanDuel offers a money back guarantee for all new members.

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Daily Fantasy Sports Rooms Reviewed

NumberFire Review & Promo Code

NumberFire Review & Promo Code

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Online Casinos

There aren't any legal online casinos based in Michigan and there likely won't be any for quite some time. That being said, it is legal to bet on skill contests in the United States as long as you are the one competing and have control over if you win or lose. You may also bet on skill games online as long as they are truly skill-based.

Online Casino Alternative:



WorldWinner is the largest skill-based gaming/betting website on the market. Still, it is a relatively small company compared to the sites listed above. It is a safe place to bet using real money and have fun playing some of your favorite games such as Bejeweled. However, don’t expect to be able to win a massive amount of money using this site.

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Participating in Offshore Gambling Websites

Playing on an overseas site may seem like a viable option to gamble, but you must be aware that foreign sites are not safe or legal to use. Though it is difficult for Pennsylvania to enforce state laws on offenders who play online, it is still an offense to partake in gambling that is not legalized by the state. The current law outlines that even illicit online gambling is clearly a violation. “(1)Any electronic video monitor which is offered or made available to persons to play or participate in a simulated gambling program for direct or indirect consideration, including consideration associated with a related product, service or activity; and (2) for which the person playing the simulated gambling program may become eligible for a cash or cash-equivalent prize, whether or not the eligibility for or value of the cash or cash-equivalent prize is determined by or has any relationship to the outcome of or play of the simulated gambling program.”

Participants should know that the Keystone State punishes offenders for crimes such as the ones listed above as a 1st class misdemeanor. The level of crime is subject to up to five years in prison and no more than $10,000 in fines.

Online Poker

Online poker is currently illegal but is seeming to be making headway with two active bills of legislature now awaiting a ruling. The first permits online poker as well as other casino-style games over third party Internet operators. These operators would be subject to a hefty licensing fee and a large percentage of tax going to the state of Pennsylvania. The bills leniency on online play would allow an interstate bond between neighboring states such as New Jersey and Delaware to intertwine several state player pools over the web. The second bill offers online gambling licensing at a lower tax rate to the already established operators within the state rather than third party enterprises. Additionally, the sites banned by the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act would not be able to return to providing their services to the state of Pennsylvania. Though the bills are still subject to an official ruling, it does seem like a promising future for online poker.

Online Sports Betting

Pennsylvania, like most other states within the Union, is highly against traditional sports gambling methods. The state does not authorize, license, or regulate any land-based or online sportsbooks within its borders. Residents beware that any bookie or underground establishment is illegal and unsafe to partake in.

This proves true for offshore sportsbooks as well. Sites that operate outside of United States jurisdiction does not ensure bettors experience fair play or guarantee winnings. The reason foreign site are available to United States residents is due to the site being established in a country that has little to no regulations on gaming. It is always best to avoid offshore sites and underground sportsbooks. Instead, Pennsylvania residents have access to a legal alternative for wagering on sports through horse and greyhound racing as well as online fantasy sports betting.


Although there are no penalties for gambling on offshore sites, it is not advised that you do so. Instead, bet on websites created and based in the United States. These US based companies offer a great gaming experience and a guarantee that you will receive your money if you win. These sites are 100% legal because of exemptions given to them through federal legislation. Above all, be safe, don’t go over your spending limit, and have fun when online gambling at a legal online operation.