Colorado Online Gambling | Is Gambling Legal in Colorado?

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Legal Online Gambling In Colorado

The state is more lenient than other states when it comes to Colorado gambling. Although residents will not find any online Colorado casino games or sportsbooks over the Internet, the Centennial State has a few alternatives that are enjoyable and exciting gambling options.

In regards to the state’s land-based gambling industry, there are over 42 brick and mortar establishments spread across ten cities. Colorado isn’t known to have an extremely healthy gambling economy, but the state’s casinos have been reporting quarterly increases in the recent years.

It's to no surprise that due to increased profits from casinos, a majority of money is taxed through state regulations that put the money to good use. The Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission has even displayed the exact percentages of how the gambling tax revenue is spent. The breakdown includes funding for numerous education programs, future science funds, tourism travel promotion funds, and others. It is easy to see the state is progressively moving toward the legalization of Internet gambling soon. For now, there are a few available options when seeking some gambling action.

What Types of Gambling is Legal Under Colorado Gambling Laws?

Residents of Colorado can legally gamble over the web in a few different ways. First, the state authorizes pari-mutuel betting on horse and greyhound racing. The state allows a few online platforms, which entirely operate on US soil, to service residents of Colorado.

Due to federal legalization of online fantasy sports betting, the Centennial State also to legalize the gambling option under state law as a real game of skill. The popular sportsbook alternative has sports fans everywhere on their toes every weekend.

Lastly, the state deems all other games of skill to be a legal gambling option. 

Participating in Offshore Gambling Websites

Although offshore gambling sites might seem like a viable option at times, sites that operate overseas can be extremely dangerous financial investments. Not only is your money unsafe due to a lack of gaming regulations, but the act of gambling on a non-authorized site in the state of Colorado is against the law.

The Colorado State Statute reads:

“risking any money, credit, deposit, or other thing of value for gain contingent in whole or in part upon lot, chance, the operation of a gambling device, or the happening or outcome of an event, including a sporting event, over which the person taking a risk has no control, but does not include bona fide contests of skill.”

The law is put in place for a good reason, as offshore sites operate outside of US legal jurisdiction and can avoid legal pursuits on lost earnings or unfair play.

Online Poker Colorado

Online poker is not currently legal in the Centennial State. However, it is possible for Colorado to legalize the table game in the near future. There is no doubt that the state welcomes poker to its 42 casinos with over 200 tables across Colorado. The Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission is presently overseeing an online poker bill brought into circulation in 2013. For now, the game is still seen as a game of chance due to it fulfilling all three Colorado State Law requirements to be considered gambling, which are consideration, chance, and reward.

Online Sports Betting

Traditional sports betting is long gone from the Centennial State, and lawmakers are continuing their efforts in keeping it that way. The original method for online sports betting was outlawed in 2006 under The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Not only does the state not authorize any online sportsbooks but it deems playing on one illegal while residing in Colorado.

Residents are encouraged to try their hand at the legal alternatives instead of risking their money and breaking the law. Online horse and greyhound racing are considered one of the most exhilarating gambling experiences, and residents of Colorado can now enjoy horse and greyhound race betting right from home.

Another choice is to try real money fantasy sports. This online option allows you to make wagers on any number of fantasy draft pools for only a day. Sports enthusiasts cannot get enough of online fantasy sports betting due to its basis centering around the skillful player analysis. Not only is online fantasy sports betting as exciting as traditional sports betting, but it is completely legal in Colorado and has better odds to win.

Online Horse and Greyhound Racing

Colorado is home to only one horse and greyhound racetrack that hosts live-action racing. Residents can either travel to Aurora to enjoy Arapahoe Park or place bets at one of ten off-track betting facilities. However, due to the state authorizing third party operators for pari-mutuel race betting, residents can make real cash wagers straight from home that equivalents to making a bet in person. These sites are managed in the US and hold contracts with nearly every horse and greyhound racetrack in America as well as tracks around the world.
Here are some of the best options for horse and greyhound racing.

Safe and legal horse and greyhound betting sites in Colorado:


BetAmerica is a leading platform for US horse and greyhound racing. The site has an easy to use interface, which makes betting easy and catching all of your favorite races even easier. Members get access to horse and greyhound racing action from virtually anywhere with the new BetAmerica mobile app that features all options found on the business’s web page. Join now and receive a new member bonus on your first deposit.

Online Fantasy Sports Betting

Online fantasy sports betting is the most popular gambling attraction that is sweeping across the nation. Sports fans can become engaged with multiple games covering their fantasy draft players that make up the ultimate team. Online fantasy sports betting is legal on a federal level due to a US Congressional decision in 2006.

While most gambling options over the web got the boot through the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, online fantasy sports betting was reconsidered as a game of skill. Congress made the decision knowing that there are variables that go into preparing for the game that will have an impact on the outcome. Fantasy team managers need to consider numerous statistics like offensive efficiency, defensive match-ups, coaching strategies, player types, and many more. The new gambling sensation is best known for the daily or week to week fantasy leagues. This feature allows managers to draft the best players.

Here is a couple of the best online options for reliable fantasy sports betting:

Draftkings in Colorado

Draftkings is a rising star in the daily fantasy sports arena. This site is great for updates on players and hosts next-generation statistics for its members to choose the best players for their fitted team. Check out the customizable league options to get your team just how you want it. Get up to $600 when you sign up as a new member. Learn more by reading the Draftkings Review!

FanDuel in Colorado

FanDuel is the largest platform for daily fantasy sports leagues in the industry. The business recently increased its financial backing with over  300 million dollars to push it past its competitors. This company has an easy to use system that lets you pick your team, choose your pool, and sit back and enjoy the games. The site hosts everyday competitions as well as tournaments to win jackpots and cash prizes. Join FanDuel today and get a free sign up bonus on your first deposit.

Online Casinos

Colorado does not regulate, manage, or authorize any online casino websites. The idea is not far behind a possible third party poker operator, but for now, residents will have to travel to a brick and mortar establishment to play any casino-style games. The Centennial State does allow online skill games as a similar alternative to slots and other popular casino games.


Colorado stands as a progressive state in the gambling industry. The state’s lawmakers are willing to move towards a future that is best for Colorado and its residents. Choose to stay away from illegal gambling options like offshore sites and underground sportsbooks. The state has many great options for both online and land-based gambling.