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New Jersey

New Jersey legal Gambling

New Jersey is one of the most interesting states when it comes to the legality of fantasy sports league betting, online casinos and online poker games. In recent years, the state has seen some interesting amendments to its legislation, giving players different ways to get involved in their preferred games and sports betting without technically breaking the law. With the most comprehensive online gaming bill currently in effect nationwide, New Jersey not only has exciting yet protected gaming options for its citizens, it also has access to a strong revenue influx from the betting industry as a whole, helping improve the overall state economy.

What is allowed in New Jersey?

This is a very straight forward one. Landbased casinos were the start, but New Jersey opened the doors also for online poker, online casinos, fantasy sports, horse racing & greyhounds and skill games.

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What’s not Legal to play in New Jersey

Online and offline Sportsbetting in New Jersey is not allowed. A good alternative to Sportsbetting is Horse Betting, Greyhounds or Fantasy Sports. Top providers are BetAmerica for horse-betting or Fanduel for Fantasy Sports.

Fantasy Sports in New Jersey as an alternative

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Despite a variety of legal online gambling options in New Jersey, one of the few areas prohibited is land-based sports betting. This is due to federal restrictions. There is a loophole that natives of the state can bet on sports through a regulated and licensed offshore online sportsbooks, however. While the state has advocated to allow sports betting for a while now, only online poker and some other online casino games have been approved.

No residents of the state have ever been prosecuted for betting on a sports event online when wagering through an offshore company. This is due not to a specific law allowing it, but more due to the fact that none of the existing laws contain wording that specifically prohibits online gambling.

While New Jersey continues to lobby against the federal law in order to instate online sports betting, the state does not tolerate any illegal gambling rings or bookmakers’ businesses within their boundaries. The state also doles out serious punishments for those who attempt to break the laws.

In 2012, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie authorized legislation that allowed betting on 12 casinos and four racetracks to offer gambling on professional and college sports. However, the law didn’t allow wagers on college events played in-state or out-of-state if it involved a college team from New Jersey.

The state has been in the center of controversy in the past, with the NBA, NFL, NCAA, NFL, MLB and NHL filing a lawsuit against the state to prevent sports betting. This was in relation to the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which banned sports betting in all states, except four. The ruling fell against New Jersey and the governor stated that he would appeal the case to the Supreme Court.

Online Casinos

Online Casinos in New Jersey Reviewed

There is more freedom when it comes to casino gambling in this state. Raymond Lasniak passed the New Jersey legislation in 2011, which allows state residents over age 21 to gamble online. However, due to restrictions in the constitution, it only allows casino gambling in Atlantic City. Therefore, the legislation states that computer services that operate online gambling sites have to be located in Atlantic City at licensed casinos only. With regulations formed by the Casino Control Committee that ensured that all bets were placed from inside the state, the bill evaded federal prohibitions. However, Governor Christie dismissed the legislation. He stated that he believed commercial businesses could become gambling hubs around New Jersey.

A legal opinion on the matter was given by the United States Justice Department, stating that the Wire Act only banned online sports betting and not online casino games. The points raised over the debate included a poker bet not being completed until a server in Atlantic City accepted the wager, meaning no constitutional amendment would be needed to authorize the gambling, argued by John Wefing. State Senator Jennifer Beck also argued that New Jersey voters could not legalize online gambling simply with their approval.

Due to these concerns, new legislation was drafted, which stated businesses other than Atlantic City casinos were prohibited from advertising online gambling (or allowing their facilities to offer the services).

February 26, 2013 saw a revised bill passed, which permitted internet gambling under certain conditions and regulations. The legislation allowed online casino gambling only for a 10-year trial period, and it restricted it to just 11 casinos within Atlantic City. It also imposed a 15-percent tax on the revenues, which is higher than the 8 percent currently charged to casinos. In addition, the law specifies that players must be at a computer within the state and must be over the age of 21 in order to play.

History was made when the first company received an online gambling license in October 2013. It was a combined enterprise involving Boyd Gaming and a divestiture trust (established by MGM Resorts International) called Borgata, marking the start of a new online gambling era for the state. They are working in conjunction with Digital Entertainment Plc., who provide their online service.

In that same year, 37 firms applied for online gambling licenses, including the formidable Wynn Interactive (the Las Vegas casino magnate); however, Wynn Interactive will need to either buy, build, or contract with an existing property in the state in order access the New Jersey market.

Online Poker in NJ

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The state of online poker in New Jersey has changed significantly over recent years and the governor has been fighting hard to give players what they want while still protecting the online safety of those who play. In 2013, the revised bill was passed in a very short two months, and had spurred PokerStars (the large online poker site) to begin purchase moves to acquire an Atlantic City casino in order to comply with state regulations. However, the request was rejected by the state, despite being the world’s largest online poker company. It is speculated that this is because the bookmaker had continued to operate within the U.S., even when federal authorities made it clear the company wasn’t welcome.

There also seems to be an exception in the law for certain types of social gambling and for the possession of a gambling device, other than a slot machine. This opens up room for home games like poker, as long as no one is otherwise profiting from the game’s operation. Also, if it is a regulated commercial casino or a charitable event, playing poker for real money is deemed acceptable. The law focuses mainly on the operators and not the players, but focuses on those who assist illegal casino operations as well.

Online poker strikes an unsteady balance within the regulatory system in New Jersey. The bill that passed does not specifically mention poker as an approved game, even though it does bring regulated gambling to the state. It will fall to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement to establish the specific parameters and regulations for the game.

Best online Poker Sites in New Jersey

Several regulated online casinos in the state of New Jersey are offering online poker as well. Since liquidity is important for players we recommend playing on one of the bigger online poker sites such as Party Poker or 888. In order to get the best online casino bonuses you should read our special page that highlights all casino bonuses for New Jersey residents.


While the laws in New Jersey are fairly flexible compared to many other sports, when it comes to fantasy sports, online casinos and online poker, the state does not take kindly to those who choose to break laws that are in place. State law does not punish players; however, for those found operating illegal bookmakers or possessing records or equipment for use in illegal gambling, the punishment is strict: up to five years in prison, depending on the size and quantity of the bets in question.

State regulations need further development, specifically on how online gambling will be implemented. Businesses will also need to apply for their licenses, and the paperwork involved will no doubt slow down the process overall. But the good news for New Jersey is that in terms of legalizing sports betting, online poker and online casinos, they are far ahead of the pack compared to other states.

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